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great wall tour

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Many villages in the suburbs of Beijing are also distributed guhuai, some of which stand in the entry to the village, or the growth of the temple in the village ahead the afterward ancient well. In front of the Yuan Dynasty, as the western suburbs of Wanshou "Wan Shou Huai", Xiangshan Golden Bridge in front of a small generation "Xiangshan Huai," Reclining Buddha coalition of West and Cherry Vale hospital coca "Ming Huai" (locally known as "Jiang Jiahuai "), West Beijing Jietai gate in the" Liao Huai, "Small Bridge, in front of Yanqing Badaling" Yuan Huai ", Huairou Yanxi upwards entrance to the village plant River Park cliff," Park Han Huai Ya factory " (Beijing, "the most Pagoda Tree") off the village of Miyun Yan "prop Yu Huai" (averaging "extra than arms"), Tongzhou District, Wood Factory Queen "Yuan Huai", Fangshan Township Lithospermum Services Zhangzhuang Village's "Don Huai, "the village of Great Shiwo" Ming Huai ", Hong Yan Ming Temple" Wisteria Send Huai, "the top of the hill," Ash King "are all the names in Beijing Huai. These have become cultural city guhuai spectator.
Sophora japonica is a major factory in Beijing courtyard, has a very special area. It has a very strong vitality, tin give to create a fresh environment. People called the locust tree, the god, often planted in the courtyard gate. Locust tree planting outside the three ancient palace to signify Sima, Stuart, Sagong "Three." Ash was also thought to be "Paul," the representatives of the three category of the ancient royal tribunal Huai 9 spines, the public Bureaucrats sit ashore the tree, who is facing three Huai Excellencies, the Ash tree in the courtyard of the status of a number of very tall.
Since ancient periods been regarded as auspicious locust trees, people proverbs are: "in front of a locust, not Zhao Bao, that is,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], into the rich." In the "reading glasses" in the "pre-trial planting of many people, whichever screen of a a agreeable warning take three Huai, Koh Sun Sangong signification of "records. Huai romance of "Star of Hope of the spirit" have a just ability to judge right and erroneous, in the "spring element life bud" in the "Shuhuai hearings below it," the disc, in the opera, "Goddess Marriage" in the wedding under the acacia trees to determine, after Also under the circumstances Huai Songzi.
Beijing's long history of cultivation Sophora species, which has hi light, drought, high temperature, salinity, resistance to soil compaction, resistance to inclusion of urban soil and more extremely accustomed to the ecological specifics namely best reflect and represent the meteorological Beijing city, soil characteristics. Therefore, had planted in the Republic of Sophora japonica, acacia, the United States Yang, Luan tree planting in the toon, 14, and today it can still only melodrama a role avenue trees. Bring ancient chief of Beijing, the absolute can no do without "guhuai, Wisteria, courtyard." Whether the park specks, or avenue courtyard, one can see Sophora japonica presence. According to the 1980 census, the Sophora japonica suburbs of Beijing, more than 140,000.
The original white flag in the Beijing Botanical Garden in front of the village of sometime residence of Cao Xueqin, stood three large guhuai. One door west of the first an up apt 4.9 meters guhuai dry weeks, the dry Beijing zone around the circumference of 5 meters thick guhuai one of the ten trees. Guhuai eastern gate is the noted "Waibo Huai", so Xiangshan one with the "front guhuai Wai Bo tree,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], bridges Ye Qin Ma," the ditty. In the northwardly of the sometime residence of Cao Xueqin's Dragon King Temple also stands a "Dragon King Huai", dry perimeter approximately 5 meters.
Since the Zhou Dynasty of China from the locust tree planted in the palace, so Ash has "Gong Huai," said. Forbidden City guhuai many, most notably the banks of the Yuan Hongqiao Wu Yingdian off the "Forbidden eighth Huai." Huai Keke these eighteen stately, bearing extraordinary. The reason why they are famous, because in the Ming and Qing dynasties, kings and ministers, and house the human would walk out of here, West Gate, but also through the eighth to the Summer Palace Empress Cassia. The southeast edge of Imperial Garden in the Forbidden City, there was a colossal Long Zhaohuai, as Beijing's "Long Zhaohuai the most." It is the cap on several colossal branches amplify outward according the stoop, like a few dragon dances in the wind, innumerable twigs bent like a nail, like a dragon claw holding one blank,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], its slippery, natural for interest, known as "Broom Cassia."

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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