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beijing metropolis tour

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Zhuangyi Ya, in the "love", the later became a traitor, for do not ambition to produce an reliable stone Xi Valley. End of the novel is saying: "What Love died in what the." This is obviously a typical bad - Wanwusangzhi. I began collecting these treasures Lao late, after his 50-year-old things. Lao She's very personal collection of small treasures. Close and do not adopt, at his own preferences, and regardless of their heritage merit. Its nice to the eye looked like it, buy it; maybe upon cracks, or defects of the iceberg, which was very valuable. Of this imperfect thing, unless very old, heritage experts are dismissive. Never idea the whole of Lao She, an talent of his vision to look at them.
Lao She's old friend, the prominent writer and heritage home Mr. Zheng Zhenduo cautiously read Lao She once on display in his small alive room decorations: blue and white porcelain bowls, pottery, kiln change bottles, seeing, shaking his pate, and eventually and gently said something: "All of the hand." Lao She was unmoved, and he gently questioned the sentence: "I looked uneasy." Two people smile as a long period. Lao She also loves to play to seal his own seal on the thing, such as "adore," said at all. However, he, after all, Lao She, and a set of his own course.
Time, Lao She was given a late Qing Dynasty flare, quality silk, 1 side is painting, the other side is neatly lower case. Lao She let the master take it separately mounting, mounting into the mirror heart, the outlook in the final, lower case roles in the next, among by several massive damask drag ring tin be placed in borders, hung aboard the walls. Lao ring in white silk with a brush to write a shipshape four comments aboard a corner of a very symmetrical, comments above each sentence are signed under seal, Yinwen Yang Wen staggered.
Lao She's quite careful to quit the things human gather periodical.
His personalty a piece of an ink stone,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], small, width 14 cm broad and 9 cm thick, two centimeters and a half, two centimeters long in front of the slope-shaped pool, surrounded along a small brim, that is always; However, very particular about box mounted ink stone, there namely bottom,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], covered, mahogany, inlaid with a jade covered with crab, a table tennis so much. Look by this box to know thatsome tiny backing Yantai. Sure ample, the left side of the ink-stone facade has 6 of seal: "Weng Li Yan Li drawing." Li Yu, No. Weng Li, a Qing large playwright, theorist, author of "Kite bad", "mirage in the House," "Jade Saotou" and 10 activity, written screenplay theory "Xian Qing Ou Ji" , there are [...] article collection "Twelve Towers."
Painting and Calligraphy Collection of Lao Li Yu Yan is how come, have not test, only that the collection later 1949. Lao She also did not show off his lifetime, understood by few. Lao She was took away behind the decease of the Yan and after return, in the process of copying and also naught of care. Nearly two years, Professor Wu Xiaoling in the sometime residence of Lao She saw it, and exclaimed: "This is the merely!" And said Harvard University adept Professor Han Nan Li Yu impatient to list their manner, the fret was what to do rubbings.
Cultural heritage is a citizen ID card is assorted from other ethnic teams. Non-material cultural heritage of a very rich nation,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], with changing times and the haste of urbanization process, many people civilization is disappearing. At present the country's citizen folk culture has started liberate activities. It is reported that the liberate ministry has received folk culture from nigh the nation to affirm the information on folk culture. Has recently announced the 1st batch of citizen cultural heritage. We launched the "Visit Heritage" catena of reports, not only to show the world the profound orthodox Chinese culture, long history, more like a living through a survival story of cultural displacement, causing the reader to "Culture and Living," a little bit of thinking .

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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