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Beijing Private Tour

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Not to say that "human right is the vicissitudes of life," What, then on the demise of the Ming Dynasty as a good thing. Bedridden for years favor a terminally ill old man down and die, one day die on his own and his kin to one day free. Zhu hanged three days later by the prosecution, which is March 22, after traces of the mountain peasant army that put the horse, and got aggravate in the palace eunuchs as a recognized, yeah, this is the emperor. Rereading coffin burial Zhu ordered the prosecution couples.
It is said namely he kissed the coffin before to four thanks apt call. Donghuamen parked outside the coffin in the ten days after, carried Changping, April fourth daytime, buried in fields Royal tomb. Emperor Chongzhen a funeral, departure coffin to Changping, find somebody to open the tomb of the Chu Tian Royal pair buried along the prosecution in, these are prices money. Rereading the people to disburse to Chongzhen funeral? That namely not a joke! Who take the money then, Rereading the people say, let the state take the money, Changping, with public asset. After the peasant army, Fuya such for washing, where there are public asset, Changping? Li Mu Zhao column had to organize the masses, so namely businesses Changping, well-off fundraising, buried Chongzhen dictator. Junji sixteen years, the Qing Ling predecessor Fulin meditative human, ordered the construction in accordance with the scale of imperial tomb ground establishing. But in the 20th centenary, muse of the mounds merely a pile of rubble.
YU Si Ling I wandered outside to check it out. Because there is not outside world, so open to guests. Bark, the door opened, and out of one old man, I heard that I was thinking a special trip to visit the mausoleum, one exception let me into the yard. Lush outlooked courtyard. Xiangdian only the incipient bottom. Boseong green brick on the front, a beautifully carved pearly marble figure of the stone altar decorations for the exhibit of the stone chart for 5. Westwood One stood on the stone pass, on the big book "Big Lie Min Ming-chong tomb of the Emperor." The old man told me,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Po Shing and wall rebuilt in recent years. Think Royal Mausoleum was originally the tomb of Tian, which is much more than the additional tombs to be easy. However, make arrangements for burial was in charge of entities, according to Zhao, the records of a column, the underground palace that Royal is not simple: the premier membrane of Shek Mun, the Xiangdian 3, in a stone annoy table, among the east of the house of a stone mattress and slumber; story Shek Mun, the pass 9 long lobby, stone bed 1 foot five inches tall, ten feet broad. Missed the savor of the scale of the underground palace of Emperor Qianlong Dingling exclaimed: "A Princess of the fees have been the circumstance, I emperors who can see now!"
Shou-Ling's age man is quite talkative. He pointed to the hills east of the hills, thinking, and that mountain cried deer Masan. Shou Zhu Di, the year selected for the cemetery, Changping days afterward, asked Yao Guangxiao: huge nation out how many generations will pass? Yao Guangxiao replied: spread your sons buried nag Shanxi Henan deer. Zhu Di was so happy, offsprings buried in the tomb of Henan from Beijing, which have tens of thousands on behalf of it! He knows where, Henan is the jaws of the rill after Ruby's south, is the deer in front of the mountain Masan. Chongzhen buried west of Masan deer,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], big destiny to the Ming Dynasty to the pate of the. Shou-Ling age story, tin only be regarded as "disloyal statement language village", and even do not deem in the Emperor Qianlong. Qing Emperor Qianlong's poem "The Isles of thirty Yun Ming Tombs," Chang Ling merit monument sculptured in the behind. There are so few poems: "Thirteen said, destiny or do, Zhu Mingzuo this subject.
Is a cover-shaped house confusion Shi Yan, Edward made life but Jun Yun. Heirs can proceed Zulie fruit, Zhu Ancestral Hall, which have to hurry? "Qianlong of the several lines express no scholastic talent, but no lack of materialistic ideas: the fate of the country, in fact, prop the hands of the monarch, and if a heiress was hard to uphold the ancestors, the morale of good governance,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the country the old Zhu would not be so [...] to mar it!

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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