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Beijing Private Tour

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After the Republic of China, garbage cut penalty, [...] changes, the early Republican executed convict area is south of West Road flyover, which Xiannongtan two door. In Beijing Nanchizi Avenue Road East, there is a golden palace structure, called, procurement of imperial history, is the premier of the Royal Archives. It was built in the Ming Dynasty Jiajing thirteen years (AD 1534), is charted for the storage of the emperor, "Record" and "Sermon," the. China's premier and largest encyclopedia, "Yongle Dadian" collection has been here.
The mansion namely the seat without beam house, all with masonry, glass built, not a little lumber, eaves of the stigma, the amount of Fang, brackets, gates and skylights are made of stone mowing system. The gold accumulation file cupboard namely the white relentless treads under Xu Mizuo. This namely all approximately launch. Jiajing emperor in power during the fire castle many, Palace of Heavenly Purity, Longevity Palace was above fire afterward another, the Queen was scalded to death, and once approximately killed the throne. In view of this, the emperor ordered the Forbidden City in the south (now Nanchizi Avenue) created an eminent fire extravaganza of this house without beam. "Yongle Dadian" is the Yongle Emperor arrayed the amending of the memorable work, a absolute of 22,877 volumes, 110,950,000, 370,000,000 words, is a precious archaic books. Wen Yuan Ge incipient secret in the Forbidden City, a duplicate of the history invisible in the regal library stack. When the fire in the late Ming Wen Yuan Ge, the aboriginal of the "Yongle Dadian" devastated, a copy of the "Yongle Dadian" is preserved. Zhonghua Book Company, published in 1960, "Yongle Dadian" is a accumulation based on the version of imperial history, procurement of photocopying.
In order to defend cultural heritage, Premier Zhou Enlai in 1958 was ordered by the state, procurement of funding for upkeep of imperial history. To commemorate the 70th commemoration of Revolution, the State Department funding livelihood, painted plaster walls Zhu, house paint, painting, installing lights inside the hall,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and exhibit Revolution artifacts, opening-up. The Forbidden City is an eighteen guhuai important scenery. According to fable, these ancient acacia trees are planted in the Yuan Dynasty, it was verified that the former clearly grown. Today, maximum of these guhuai trunk diameter of extra than two meters, opinion old, tin allow the transfer does not quit. Ash is a quite ancient treasure on, and planted in the palace of the palace that the Huai, Tang Wei has a "Gong Huai-street" in the heading of the poem, the poem "Chek runoff Huai Yin Temple, many shady Lvtai" the sentence. This eighteen guhuai in the West door. There is also 2 guhuai Forbidden City Imperial Garden, phoned Pan Huai. Sturdy trunk, bough buckling down, like Talon. Pan Huai tree which two lumbar peel grafting have a meaningful traces of two up and down the bark is apparently alter. This not merely adds two guhuai Imperial Garden's beauteous landscape, but passengers, apart from watching, but also pointing to the tree itself confirms our working human have long mastered the grafting technology.
Jing Yang Palace, the Imperial Garden East, about a hundred meters, one for the East Palaces. James JY Liu Ming Dynasty eunuch of "History of the Ming Palace," said: "East of the Second Long Street East, said Jing Yang Gong, Xiao Jing Queen has been living here." Description in the Ming Dynasty, where the Queen lived. Ming was destroyed in a fire. Shunzhi annuals (1655) re-Jing Yang Palace. Twenty 5 years of Emperor Kangxi (1685) rebuilt. "Kusakabe old news test" set, Jing Yang Gong "Front Hall Christine said hanging the amount of Emperor Yu Shu Jing Su Roujia. Apse Alliance said: Run the ancient books of Hong Phi brush; images and the fiscal strength punch." Rear for the collection of ancient Appreciation The Book of the drawing. Poetry and painting favor the Qing Emperor Qianlong, who frequented this, and here wrote the embark. He too wrote a poem about Jing Yang Gong: "Dongbi book cache Jing Yang, Yan apse fashionable Poem Church. Songjun Chen Zhao Yuan closing trail, companies want to Ji Zhou ceremony field." After the founding of the state dispensed special asset, in 1973,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Jing Yang Palace rebuilt. Local building after fire damage by speedy, the ancient Forbidden City and the Department of craftsmen mend crew worked hard, and now have been repaired.
Prudential for a director of the Yi of museums, libraries, after the establishment of the Preparatory Committee, first of all condense on detailed consideration of the museum name and organizational structure. They accomplish that most of the world's important museums and books and documents, including two important categories of antiquities collections, and rehabilitation committee received from the Palace of Heavenly Purity is in the Antiquities and public attribute for the many books, so decided to mobilize a custodian, National Palace Museum collection-based exhibition on display museums, antiquities and books is divided two parts. On the museum name, multi-preparatory consultation and reiterated deliberation, that the newly established National Palace Museum, as we have to use this piece of ancient buildings as Guanzhi, most of the world's major museums with location name, and eventually decided to name the museum as the National Palace Museum.
The label and organizational architecture, in the September 25, 1925 Committee meeting held on the follow-Qing Shi finalized, both admitted, "interim memo of the National Palace Museum", "Palace Museum Interim Board Charter," "Interim Council of the National Palace Museum statute "to determine the first catalogue of managers member, determined ten days after the Oct. 10 ritual was held in open Court,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], declaring the birth of the National Palace Museum.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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