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magnificent walls tour

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 PostPosted: Fri 4:25, 22 Apr 2011    Post subject: magnificent walls tour Back to top

Some people have been wrong to muse that China's economic backwardness is for China has an ancient culture, at the peak of they can not characterize the culture of perfected productive forces to get rid of the economy can take off, and then tear down the walls, stripped off the roof of dusty courtyard and replace them with only the smoking chimney of a plant, fifty years ago a airplane to Beijing five years after completion of three-dimensional city of Beijing today. But there is no history, no culture, no humane country and metropolis, and what manner you let people like you? If there are no old Forbidden City Great Wall Hutong, Peking duck no acid soybean milk, additional than those living in Beijing, Chinese and foreigners, what variety of reason to have to come to Beijing? "My Tin Soldier," an treatise that mentioned the door Krupp cannon, and now still reserve in Mr. Zhao's bookcase.
Has such a calm state of idea, calmly wrote "Essay connoisseurs" and "enough crumbs appearance the Tan" after the pen,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], how you can easily put down? Mr. Zhao Heng, mentioned his afterward book for the period creature shrieked "misty light" it, the megalopolis is a cultural phenomenon and life passing scene. Over the past people do not idea so tired of people present, Mr. Zhao recently wrote one antique voyage essays,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], called "off Mountain Streams", the living conditions of ancient passengers lust with starve and edible, Xiao line overnight amounted , saying namely pearly is peckish to dine, thirsty to nectar, daytime, night sleep so simple. Many people favor to voyage, and some people to apply for tours, as well as the backpacker, is the initiative to go out.
People travel in the past but mostly passive travel, migration, flight, commerce, scientific reconnaissance, questing officials, that are passive to walk, do not hike can not. So Mr. Zhao Heng attracted along the life of the ancient state of amuse on the previous trivia, chiefly people today absence to provide some profitable, some invaluable things. Such as "Dream of Red Mansions" in the Qing Wen Jia tear fan, ought tear the folding flare, because Jia is a man, a man with a folding fan thing. The "Peach Blossom Fan" in the Li Xiangjun blood spattered the fans, when is the round fan, because the round fan is a female accustomed, the use of fans like this and amusement is value to jot almost.
Now things have advanced the same time, proper to maintain some of their predecessors spiritual asset is good. For example, the popular affair card propriety in narrative to its ancestor, the ancients back to visit the sometime goes to the backbones and Baitie. Culture, though I must advance with the times, some are best to keep incipient. Mr. Zhao Heng said he was opposed to the opera random alteration. Although Opera is now comparable to the survival of the state Zuohuo fossils, but it is basically without losing character. Peking Opera, yet a mini more than two hundred years of history, can be inherited, passed along is not easy to alteration to change to left hand, nought could not stop.
Many folk without such a good attitude apt Spring Snow ashore and the Countrymen. The mainland market, Hong Kong and Taiwan screenplay educate, spoof costume drama, understand these, not the why, the crowd openly scatter fallacy. For instance, many costume drama [...] past the Big House, the gate hung a plaque Wang, mouth "I am your home," closed "the main." Such a shake namely not frivolous, repressed only invariable in the antique days, behind the name in the younger generation. Another example is "Wai Kam" This text for the same generation, "thanks to Kam" is addressed to elders,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], is also often confused.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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