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Beijing Private Tour

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Dragon Bone Hill at Zhoukoudian Peking Man fossils. 20 years of this century to 30 years, archaeologists Zhoukoudian in Fangshan Dragon Bone Hill, found the "Peking Man" skull, teeth, fossils and their alive sites. After half a century of intermittent and afterward discover, has unearthed 10 years ago, the "New Cave Man" and 1 to 2 million years antecedent the "Upper Cave Man" skull and teeth fossils. With the same period there are 100 kinds of vertebrate unearthed fossils. Man Site at Zhoukoudian is undoubtedly a wealthy treasure trove of the world of early human civilization, it namely testified that 40 apt 50 million years antecedent, humans have amplified the hunting large animals, and the record of human use of launch control moved to the 40 to 50 million years ago, the learn of human origins, Quaternary geology of the study above the development and promotion has essential scientific value. Man Site at Zhoukoudian namely at the United Nations for a World Natural and Cultural Heritage.
Ornamental stone, also known to activity. It is collected from the nature of all natural spar, Wen Shi, stone statues, stone and other stone shaped like a general term for works of masterpiece. They have strange shape for of the pretty texture, bright colors, but the output of infrequent features not identical adored by the human. People along to their shape, texture, color and texture composition of aesthetic factors, the vivid image of the name. No need to melodrama rock and some human processing can be exhibited; some little embellishment by the man, they constitute interesting shape or sculptures. Stone to melodrama there is a high grade material, such as stone, Shoushan stone, agate, jade, jewels, etc., they do not have special processing, value a hundred times yet approached the kingdom. In [...], ornamental stones can be classified along to features and landscaping, display, collection. But nought more than the basic shape of the rock type, texture,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], rock, mineral crystals, fossils, commemorative stone, bonsai rock, rock and mineral technology and so on.
Complex deserving to natural conditions in Beijing, many types of rock, they carved gods of nature, it can form numerous another shapes, texture, color and material of normal ornamental stones species. Page alabaster andalusite and tall economic value are 2 rocks. Andalusite produced in the Carboniferous - Permian Department of carbonaceous shale and intrusive rock contact area, andalusite produced by the Western Hills area is no merely nice quality, but too has a radial pattern shaped favor a daisy, it is too understood as the chrysanthemum stone, strange chic. Page alabaster is Hongmiaoling metamorphic shale made to amplify production in the Mentougou Tan Zhao Taiwan the most notable temple. Huanghuacheng in Huairou County, approximately 2 kilometers south of Shek Wu Yu can be found around non-ferrous metal mineral molybdenite, pyrite, chalcopyrite, garnet, quartz monzonite and additional rock samples. Ying Xiang Lan village for a long whistle producing fluorite mine Zeyi known. Beijing's suburban Miyun County, rich metal deposits of a region, especially rich in iron ore, within which the dirt iron ore vegetation in Beijing,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], led by village. Plant in the sand approximately the village, had a small remove creek sand mattress is the outstanding pellet factory plagioclase porphyritic granite. This rock in the light gray or black plagioclase mineral stone the heart of one alternatively more K-feldspar crystals of approximately spherical phenocrysts, from across segment view, like a blossoming flower spherical, very interesting. West Lake Village Changping County Yinshan steel walls, silver and iron appointed. Although silver has been found, or iron, but here produced a pink jade (Beijing Jade), rose ore called pyroxene, is nice substance for carving crafts.
We all know there is a Yuhuatai Nanjing, Yuhuatai region was the historical period of the Yangtze River torrent alluvial cohesive pile, which has accumulated since the various components of the upwards removal of rock from the gravel. Beijing is the longest river in the Yongding River, the Yongding River, after coming out in sanjiadian also an antique river, in the Babaoshan back from the old mountain tilt below, all the access to Tin a good with a radius of several kilometers of macadam field. There is Beijing's "Yuhuatai." In addition, the Beijing Palace Museum, Geological Museum, Natural History Museum displayed a large number of ornamental stones, many of which are around Beijing production.Different times in geological history, tectonic movement and a variety of mineralization of the formation of various minerals, rocks, or special structures, not only has the ornamental value, but also good science teaching materials.
Rock examples collected because some travel enthusiasts another amuse. Specimens collected before the newcomers with the best arrangements for a careful description of the regional geological geological chart. In the geological map you tin ascertain quarry,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], rock outcrops, and marked an important characters of rock outcrop. In appending, you absence to get some textbooks on the basics of rock. If you tin find a adviser to this relatively popular writings, will make you do extra with fewer to join the ranks of collectors, merely what type of rock samples collected, and the probability of success depends on your interests, your places more easily easily geological functions, the final and most fundamental is depends on your aptitude to persist.Geology is a hardly ever can be said that very excellent detective novel. We penetrate the novel's Sherlock Holmes, Borodin and so constantly from some small signs of view to begin, and then a clue to the detection of every major case. Geologists are attempting to presume from the rock samples on the rock is where, in what circumstances fashioned.
The landscape in Beijing are primarily 3 types of holes, one based on the karst cave, also known as karst caves; Second, manifold types of rock breakdown cavity, that is, joints, fissures, faults and gravitational collapse of the grotto under the control of erosion; Third, the collapse of the rock variety, composed of moving to the collection of definite lots bracket holes. These 3 caves in the Beijing area the size of development, features and value in use is a big difference.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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