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beijing voyage package

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Cheng Yin Flower Longevity Hill Court West, colored glass synthesis pagoda, the eight-seven,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], tall five-Zhang Yu, Ms Wong Choi Chui, strewed pearly. Duo Bao cornices, decorated with wafers of weeks. Rafter x (the "consultation" beneath the "Wood") families lattice skylight, and have not inch of lumber. Gold for the altitude, as Taiwan jade. Qianfoensis Duanxiang, one by one the position right. Sitting lotus seat, is in the pagoda. Phase solemn round, Ling Xu standard triumphs. Code with protracted loosen, it is shrieked Treasure Pagoda. The mechanics of the song. Chung said:
Buddha seven pagodas, high-five hundred Youxun. Emission void, all the treasure village school, Postscript Duomo Luo Hong, Fu Mandala China, Yi Shi to assist, while a huge voice. Wonderful direction to praise the Buddha, an daytime quadrillion. Strange Deweicengyou, Buddha said that great melody, is the last East, measureless Buddha only rapine, there Beige Treasure, made the great engagement. That the Lotus Sutra, and I when the testimony. If in everywhere, there are those who mention China, the pagoda are poured out, spare immeasurable Buddha, as innumerable. Good, good lord made, this towers are everywhere, Heng Hesha land, quadrillion Buddha, fraught in it. Net present this treasure, Sakyamuni Buddha, to the minute and a half seat, ambitioning to marvelous power. All the public commerce thereof, are in the void. Good, good god made, wonderful peculiar. The Society for the rise of the mountain, very neat well-being, Baihao light a photo of the pagoda that is emerging. When the tower is not present, the more treasure Buddha that? Pagoda suddenly emerged, in which the whole body. A pagoda of a Buddha,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the light over three thousand community.
A tower of billions of Buddha, the supernatural complex case. Of the see ten, Po Shu and Po Yi. Immeasurable million treasure, filling fill up in it. Yi Shi support the Buddha, Dharma derived hello. Today more than sentient beings, the interests of common well-being. Vajra Prajna body, the sum of life quadrillion. Ford of the manifold category, great pity vows. Achievement of merit, it is the pagoda. Emperor Qianlong in the "Treasure Pagoda Imperial Longevity Hill Song" mentioned many treasures Buddha, according to "Lotus Lotus Sutra. See pagoda merchandise" in the disc, he is the Buddhist treasure the last World Eastern net world leader, is to listen Buddha was preaching treasure from a distant country to the corrupt world of the net. It is said that he had sent a vow, hope to break into area after the body of the pagoda relic into, if hereafter generations are Buddha "Lotus Sutra", their Tamiao emerged in the former, as for the proof. When Sakyamuni Buddha said, "Lotus Sutra", the sudden, poured out from the underground nestle of the body of precious relics of the Buddha pagoda, and rose in the air.
This pagoda namely made of gold, silver, glass, clam, agate, coral, decorated with these seven treasures, and its spire chromatic, dazzling. Issued from the spire in the excellent humming, Treasure Buddha praised: "Good, nice, Good, good, Sakyamuni Buddha apt Buddha instructed equality Da Hui law protecting Buddhas peruse, excellent Lotus Sutra because the public that, in the case circumstance . Sakyamuni Buddha,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], such for those said are always true. "Thus, the Buddha told the audience after hearing namely the spokesman was extra than just treasure the Buddha, his body in the pagoda, and that he the web elapse the Eastern world treasure land of the Buddha, the number is more treasure. After listening, everyone was very wondered apt ask the Buddha to the tower door open, so that they pleasure of seeing the many treasures Buddha. Then the Buddha turned the tower door, which emerged in a sitting Buddha with the many treasures this period, more treasure Buddha in Buddhist pagoda in the seat to a half, and the Buddha said: "The Buddha Muni Fo, can this seat. "Thus, the Buddha entered the tower, and the many treasures to the right of the Buddha, Results Jiafu Zuo, and preached to continue for the public. At this period, everyone can penetrate, whether they visit with the 2 sitting on a lotus pedestal, understand the many treasures that Sakyamuni Buddha was the distress in the secular globe by the people, he said, to inspire, school beings, it is commendable. So, for the applause and affection of the Buddha, before allowing a half-rosette, please sit with the Buddha with their own.
Treasure Pagoda is said to be thousands of you can spare, just heard somebody say, "Lotus Sutra", the swiftly poured out from the ground in front of him. Song txt using "Henghe Sha" to narrate the number of precious Buddha avatar, the Ganges is India's maximum notable rivers, the production of rill dirt is especially high. Sakyamuni preaching constantly say the Ganges River, so the pagoda is like pouring the many treasures in the sand as the Ganges, thanks to a number is not remove. Emperor Bao pagoda was built more than was intended for his mommy, Empress Dowager is appeal, and wish her health and longevity. Dubbo slippery glass tower as a whole, the percentage of symmetry among the layers, particularly the tower body inlaid colored glass tiles, so that the tower presents a wealthy color. In the brightness, gold and glass tower Tasha gorgeous shine, the breeze, sweet jingle bell hanging under the eaves. Around the plenary tower in the shade of pines and cypresses, even more aesthetic, high and straight. Dubbo existing glass tower glass tower in Beijing, the fashion of the most smart color of the most luxuriant one, is nice in the Qing Dynasty glass tower, with a high ornamental value.
Western suburbs of Beijing Summer Palace is the most complete of the existing, the largest of a royal garden, it Yishanbangshui built embodies the infinite sagacity of our working people and creative artists in the history of our country's scenery has one extremely important location. Summer Palace, formerly known as Jinshan gold palace built in the cardinal Wanyanliang, was founded in 1153, the cardinal castle as the Jinshan Jinshan, an old legend in the mountains once dug a colossal stone urn, so called urn Hill. 1750, the Qing Emperor Qianlong to celebrate the sixtieth birthday his mother to express filial piety when his son, also typical of people across the country set an example, urn Hill will be renamed the Longevity Hill, in the mountains built a great debt of appreciation Yanshou Temple, likewise cited Yuquan Kunming Lake water to the mountain, built a Qing Yi Park. Qianlong was so massive construction projects, the arrangement for the table their own, for alarm that additional people do not know. In 1764, the Qing Yi Park was built, Qianlong's mother is 75 annuals age.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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