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Car ride for the elderly who were assaulted by fam

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 PostPosted: Sat 1:06, 28 May 2011    Post subject: Car ride for the elderly who were assaulted by fam Back to top

Elderly (right) during his lifetime photo

2 3, Express reported that 57 buildings for the elderly after wearing Hongshan respect, because of little things have been beaten on a car, in order to protect his son, King Ha was beaten to wear into the brain injured. In the hospital 8 days later, wearing a King Ha important than the end result of his injuries early yesterday morning killed.
impressive is that family members follow the wishes of his lifetime, contact the Red Cross Eye Bank, in Nanjing, Xiamen King decided to donate the corneas wearing. Reporter yesterday from the Nanjing Red Cross Eye Bank confirmed this.
struggling 8 days, he was gone

Yesterday afternoon, reporters rushed to the hospital wearing a King Building,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Military General Hospital Department of Neurosurgery, doctors said yesterday, Xiamen King Day 2:40 or so traumatic brain injury due to heavy and death caused by organ failure.
nurses are very familiar for the patient, .
reporter learned that, beginning in the Great Dai Jing Ha was beaten six that afternoon, and then it was admitted to the Military General Hospital, and moved craniotomy. 8 days, Dai has been spent on medical expenses forty-five million.
families to donate old wearing cornea

wearing son of King David An Ha said they had given away his father's corneas.
why? Dai Wei said it was his father before his death wish, he had told his family said, after the death of intention to donate the body to the hospital to do research,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], p>
need donated corneas donated surgical excised immediately after death, Dai Wei said that surgery is a good contact in advance, Nanjing Red Cross Eye Bank come to do the surgery, the cornea had been removed.
Panzhu Ren said that in the three-four days ago, Dai Wei donated corneas to ask him things, because their hospital does not accept such donations and, finally, the family contacted the Red Cross in Nanjing.
It is understood that the injury in Xiamen King Day, has been in a coma, his family donated corneas behavior is made. Dai Wei said: too heavy, causing organ failure, the Red Cross said the body is not suitable for donation, only the cornea is not affected, if not directly injured eye, generally can be donated.
colleagues called him colleagues.
Yin Forgan said, he and his colleagues 30 years old wearing old man wearing a very polite and never caused trouble. Such a nice guy who was surprised to be beaten to death, and his colleagues could not accept. Over time, this nickname to the called away.
PREVENTION colleagues said, whether someone's difficulties, the old man wearing a total happy to help solve problems. 10 years ago, her son and the son of the old worn with the primary school, her home is far from the school, whenever it rains, her son was worried about rain sick. At this time, always old and wearing a hand of help, he sent his son when the raincoat is always thinking of multi-band one. Over time, the encounter windy rainy day, will not be hanging PREVENTION heart,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], she knew, would send their children to wear the old raincoat.
Jiangsu Staff Medical Jinjiao Zhang said, wearing the old hard work, just last year was named the outstanding workers.
his family: his wife who care for liver disease

old wearing sudden departure, so that the near collapse of the family! Wang Xiaohong is wearing the wife of King House, she burst into tears in bed. Wang Xiaohong old liver disease, shortly after a baby from suffering from hepatitis, now is liver cirrhosis, ascites.
how capable he said it.
her liver is not good, need to supplement protein, wearing old riding every weekend arrived Baiyun Ting wholesale market, bought two turtles, and then cooked slowly for her to eat, he could not bear bite.
wear to the supermarket to buy a mop, the old Dai said no, the supermarket is too expensive, so he has time to buy wholesale.
Wang Xiaohong said that the only hobby is old and worn tourist, last year they go out a get a trip. Came back, the old worn body donation after death just as she brought the things, when the old Dai said: / p>
father away, the son of Dai Wei once lost to sight. In the interview, Dai Wei choked choked a few times, he said more than once: is the father of a man, if not him, this family has long collapsed. Dai Wei once to the unit to find his father, they came to the human body specimen room,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the oldest son to wear half-jokingly said: me. When nothing,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], father and son will be together to talk about the heart, or even playing a game on the computer.
reporters from the police understand that the parties are still detained in the beating, police have received news of the death Xiamen King Day, the next step will start the relevant procedures for this situation. Express reporter An Ying Sun Yuchun

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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