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beijing daytime trips

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'Cultural Revolution' years, small-peasant intellect preponderated, Marxism was quelled down; now Marxism has fulfilled a mastery situation,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], is in such a constant skirmish, the current over the age, the society continues to move forward. "For the future, if there will be political fever, Ren that the contradictions, the skirmish will forever have, merely favor the" Cultural Revolution "such a huge fight not to be. He pointed out that society's sick, eccentric phenomenon is unavoidable , only the first found the disease, will produce targeted medicines, which like the first, smuggling, after the anti-smuggling; first, "yellow", and then sweep the "yellow" is the same cause.
As because China while it can influence the world a philosopher? Ren Jiyu's outlook is: "a international philosophers, namely he should be skillful to cover the world's fundamental problems, there must be persuasion to conquer power, to convincing. There are not such folk, there is not such conditions. Which religion can not do this, let solo a philosopher. China is tough a philosopher, and the influence of orthodox Chinese civilization has a relationship. such as "The Internationale" in singing 'has never been a savior, no Lord dictator , to build human happiness depends entirely on our own ', and "East is Red" is to sing the excellent savior, which is a reflection of alley thinking. what the Saviour, ah, ah Mr. Right, this is too long for of the feudal epoch, farmer economy as also long, and it is incompatible with the modern, and pojust aboutcial development of a stage. In addition, in this complicated world, there are numerous factors constraining the emergence of philosophers and the philosophy of personality.
Like Socrates, Plato, they also affect the world later, when they can not influence,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], after the genius to take them to be a banner of communism is also true. Culture is an collection of thought has lead and lag, is not picked up the pace, principally in China, a process and I trust China ambition affect the world was to convert a philosopher. "Today more than ninety-old Mr. Ren Jiyu is still cared approximately the creating of traditional Chinese culture," as to St following the secret, for everlasting peace open, "is the ideal life intellectual and social task, Mr. Ren Jiyu learned excellence and tireless contribution to the spirit of scholarship is the best interpretation of these two words.
Tens of thousands of the world table, desk masters of literature, for the employer of exertion soak, it seems generated one uncommon temperament. Lu Xun, Mao Dun and Guo, Lao She had his beloved desk. Mao Dun's desk facing his wife's ashes; Guo desk with ink tainted with tears Yin; Lu Xun Xu Guangping in the desk to write down the first letter; Lao She's elected up from the desk, "Chairman Mao's poems," not to return. The desk has a literary master what variety of layout? They are at the desk how to complete the work? One day's period, you can peruse their desks, comprehend their new work and life.
July 4 is the 100th annual of Mao Dun. Recently, later his former address has been re-opened afterward upkeep. Mao had earlier lived in the East four dwelling hospital headlines the Ministry of Culture, and Yang, Yang Hansheng Per capita is a 1 anecdote house. "Cultural Revolution", they were forced to move out. December 1974, Mao Dun and his babies moved to the west of South Street, Dongcheng District, crossroads the behind narrow above the 13th round en alive temple. This namely an ordinary two into the courtyard, into the small courtyard, Yingchao screen walls is inscribed, "former residence of Mao Dun," horizontal pill. After the screen walls is a shade of green vine yard, the courtyard stands a bust of Mao Dun. West Wing is the incipient drawing chamber and library, still maintains the before pattern, facing the South, East and South pinion rooms are galleries, pictures and objects on exhibit and more updates.
After ten years of turmoil, Quanguowenlian Mao Dun was elected honorary leader of Chinese Writers Association. He re-took the pen and began manuscript his own lengthy memoirs. Mao Dun's study that row house in the backyard,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], in the middle is the living room, learn and bedroom east. Bed room, a few, cabinets, counters are old entities. Placed in a small closet on the safety of his wife Comte islet urn. De-zhi and Mao each additional, accompanied at life, died in 1970, her ashes placed in the Dun bedroom has twice doors that a small closet.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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