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beijing china tours

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Planetarium invisible half a gram of lunar soil
Xizhimen Street in Beijing, the Beijing Planetarium, belonging to the national science museum of normal science topics, the Ancient Observatory is part of it. Into the planetarium curator Zhu said that although the elementary function of a planetarium is also scrutinized in the daytime stars, but now you can take the Beijing Planetarium virtually all of the features renowned astronomy. He wished that the Beijing Planetarium to meet entire the needs of the astronomical knowledge and chaos.
Museum hours old and the new repository lobby, the antique hall was created in 1955, opened in 1957. New erection at the end of 2001, start construction on the site at the planetarium has now received nearly four million observers per day. Many Beijingers are aware of the new planetarium, museum,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but do not know the old salon accumulation is likewise very wealthy. Planetarium in the collection with a half grams of moon taint, the taint has a legendary history, Sino-US diplomatic narrations, Kissinger brought U.S. astronaut on the moon removed from one gram of taint, as a award to China. Later, the grams of soil preservation and studied at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, consumes half the remaining half to donate the Beijing Planetarium, the moon now thathalf a gram of soil there is very little planetarium and the public to meet the old museum, which is the only moon in the Chinese soil. However, according to curator Zhu Jin said, by the end of this half a gram of soil as the moon museums perception of astronomy in a planetarium show floor exhibition hall.
December 17, 2003, "Beijing Youth Daily" issued in the customs geographical version of the "Gui Qing of the Phoenix Public House --- Waterloo", introduced during the late Qing Gui Public House. How the Republic of China, in Beijing not records of Local Chronicles literature. The lyricist of modern Chinese history of science in the process, to retrieve some of the administration with Kwai public funeral-related message, tin be used as supplementary to the antecedent.Guangxi Public House and Scientific Results of the brim later, Cai and Psychology from the begin. Cai was originally the Imperial Qing Dynasty, China and Japan Jiawu war, the grief of the peril of national subjugation and racial extinction, the fast [...] to a new study. May be pertinent to comprehend and transform the quality of his soft blot for psychology. The first half of 1921, Cai to study abroad pedagogy, in June among the Institute met at Harvard University are studying "postdoctoral" Tang Yue psychologist.
Tang Yue (1891-1987), the word Bo Huang, Fuzhou. Tsinghua University in 1914 along the United States to study the computer, first at Cornell University majoring in psychology, Harvard University, behind studying into. After the case of Cai was invited to Peking University to teach as an year. Then to the Commercial Press for four years, and then to Tsinghua University psychology. June 1928, Cai chancellor chaired the conference in Shanghai, announced the establishment of the Academia Sinica. November that year introduced the "National Organization Law Academia Sinica", the Court will area the provisions of Psychology. Tang Yue Cai again to adopt the invitation, which namely responsible because the readiness of psychological work. Most of the institutes of Academia Sinica in Nanjing and Shanghai, probably because of the Tang Yue's private request, the temple of God with the chart, psychology in May 1929 was formally built in Peking. The starting of construction of the temporary rental of the current Lower East Side open houses to the 35 sites, merely space is also small, inconvenient to carry out research work. After querying, Tang Yue Fang finally found the time for the No. 1 Garden "Gui Public House." August 1930 resolved to buy it, take a fix refurbishment, the staff in the year in October to shake into new premises.
According to "National Institute of Psychology, Academia Sinica, nineteenth annual report of the" record, this time a new site with "6 houses, the size of eighty-odd AV (excluding veranda), covering almost five kung half. Houses eastern almost free market four acres and a half, for feeding experimental animals and Tim built lab needs. the first half for the housing bureau and reading room, the second half for the lab. location is very suitable for distribution. "along to expected presently open space in the Eastern Hospital built northwardly of animal propagating room, feeding animals, dogs, ape, hare and guinea pig.
Tang Yue very cautiously in the library studying the work of the phase, a sometime Ministry of Science and the head with writings. The year became director of psychology, he purchased a number of Anglo-German and French books aboard psychology, 2 years afterward,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the leftovers of the over 900 vocational books, magazines and 86 species, mostly French,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Britain and Germany. Instrumentation, which, in adding to general electrical, biological and chemical equipment, the equipment belongs to psychological experiments have Dasongfaer's timer, fixed pitch sounds, electromagnetic counter, timing electromagnetic tuning fork, and a variety of psychological test equipment. Study studying in beasts first, then increase the anatomy of the nerve.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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