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beijing daytime trips

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October 19, 1936, the death of Lu Xun in Shanghai. Before his death, he set final words: "One, not for of any funeral received a cent, but a friend, not in this case. Second, up assembly, bury, or leave it. Third, do not do anybody thing almost the commemorative. Fourth, forget me ,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], control their own lives. Without, it is truly idiot. 5 children grow up, if I were you ahead, can find little asset to live, and in no writers or artists to do [...]. six others promised to you things, not be taken seriously. VII, loss of teeth with somebody else's eyes, but opposition retaliation, the human advocating tolerance, and he must never close. "
Shakespeare said: "A person's last words, as a matter of melody, there is a natural power to fascinate care." Lu Xun is an such person, as early as 70 years ago, however he left the earth, but his last words, has been in attracting care, and to enlighten the people to think. In addition to "simple funeral to do," "forget the sorrow" appearance, and numerous other celebrities who died compared to Lu Xun's last words have three matchless. One is "the friend." Lu made it remove that "not because of any funeral received a penny," do not adopt the leadership, subordinates do not accept, my colleagues do not accept, neighborhood do not accept, opponents also do not charge.
But because friends, they can "no in this case." Visible, Lu Xun to discern how pure friendship and sincerity. Second, the "forget the fighting." About to depart the globe, he too again asked the descendants, "and have to not do [...] writers alternatively artists." This shows namely Lu Xun's "[...] author and talent", very disgusted, even to necrosis,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but also grief swear loudly. Third, the "vigilance temptation." Lu said: "They promised to give you things, not be taken seriously." Promise you promotion, promise you luck, agree you allegiance, promise you elated, are behind what ambition from your hand. As the "campaign plan" puts it: "to pay those fiscal, financial, do the cross-way; to Israel to pay those off and adore Yu Hua; to the right to make those, right from the dump and pro." April 26, 1965, 80-year-old Zhou knew namely ambition not work, also intestate: "I have the entire year, 80 years age, died without dislike, let us reside in a word, thinking behind Zhishi the pointer. I died aboard demand for cremation, ashes, or routine,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but also casually buried. died off the sound trace namely the ideal buyer. Yu Yisheng text without enough compliment, yet age old translation of "Greek mythology" the lust for the past 50 years
A person can live to 80 years old, is indeed a congratulating, so Zhou will "dead without grudge." But also for the coming death, he was very rational and peaceable. Because he understands that people die and that is "sound track off elimination." Ye Hao, if you are scared, afraid of Ye Hao, reluctantly Ye Hao, in the coming times, it will someday. Zhou's story, I've peruse a lot in recent years. Most writing is very people and not, for he himself said that "no fewer than commendable." Unfortunately, that the Department of "Greek mythology", I still have not read, it can not be regarded as a "learned" of the. Zhou three brothers who built the smallest of the week, July 29, 1984 passed away in Beijing. Three brothers, he is the highest bureau, former Governor of Zhejiang Province, vice leader of the NPC Standing Committee. Is also the longest life expectancy, live to 96 years old. His will: "I want to be a easy funeral behind, Suli ruddy tape to change the accustomed. Now we are attempting to build socialist modernization, chief is very precious, and period is very precious and can not cost state money for funerals and can not a waste of our period. I do not hold a memorial observance later death, do not hold funeral, the body for medicinal physicians to anatomy.
Finally, the ashes strewed to the Jianghai work. Engels, the large revolutionary leader's ashes is handled this access. As Marxists we ought learn from his revolutionary spirit completely. "Zhou Jian's will, apparently jot the times Strip. It may be differ because of his personality, so from a higher point of view, in array to reflect communist" radical revolutionary morale. "Zhou Brothers are either celebrities, who Although inconsistent landscape on life, but death will "deadly", the thinking is exactly the same.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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