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beijing 1 daytime tour

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No longer exist in the appearance of the outer wconsist in ... the faint path can be trod visitors around always of stone strewed everywhere, from time to time showing a foot long segment of stone, and some like the threshold, and some beneath a groove may have been water ahead. Weeds in the rocks are in the northwardly side of the road found a stone plaque, inscribed "Peng Island haze", narrate in an word Founder "Qianlong Yubi" square engraving. Analysis from the words on the stone plaque, this site should not be at that period "dungeon."
In truth, this legendary "dungeon" was originally the Summer Palace namely a eminent mansion, the name: Governance Mirror Court. The Mirror House and its governing island in the Summer Palace, the garden devise is an integral chapter of an momentous attractions. According to historical records, the rule mirrors House was established in Qianlong, was broke at invading British and French troops in 1860,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], when the fire Qing Yi Park. Qianlong had power in many southern excursion, enjoy the smart south of the mountains and rivers, beautiful gardens. Therefore, the Summer Palace was established, the Qianlong appetite to south at the prominent gardens are the elite of representation in the Summer Palace, and sent an open perusing Orchard artwork. So, later the completion of the Summer Palace is beautiful everywhere, King King have meaning.
I do not understand whether you noticed, in the Summer Palace Yanbohaomiao spacious waters dotted with 3 islands, and its signification is beautiful myths and romances of China above the East China Sea Chou, Penglai, abbot of 3 mountains. One is the island where the administration Mirror Court, called the lake island, the island where the lake cried West Lake. Island circled by water, normally without the ship is not nearly Island. It is also in the south of a lake, phoned raising water lake, the lake has an island, the island's building called algae Kam Tong, Island, building name, which is the additional. The third is Sai ashore the Kunming Lake, east of South Lake Island. Run the island has a broad Spirit Rain Shrine, usually known for the Dragon King Temple, the island to the seventeenth aperture interlocked to the bridge and the shore. Islands may be small, but with Xianqi, ah! The government then built mirror Court where they stand, towering, standing in between the Longevity Hill and Jade Spring Hill, from the perspective of landscape gardening in the field of outlook of the barrier among the King played a good role. So, no stuff from which point of outlook,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], are the Summer Palace Court rule mirrors a vital attractions.
According to historical records thinking, governance Mirror Round House is a typical castle-building. Outside the metropolis and around the metropolis over water,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], also known as the trench. The bottom is circular the chateau, inside and outside the double wall, remains of Canqiang watch from immediately, when four alternatively five meters thick. Between inside and outside the city walls connected by four bridges. Round the city to open in four intentions each with a gate, the measure upon the door have questions. Bin Feng picture south, north to Punta Island haze, cited show the east lake, with Stephen West as the Qing Yun. Complex as the most important of which city, the city has re-opened one of each of the Quartet, the value of questions are: South China Autumn, Beiyuan Castle, Hui Long Dongying, cool condensate Xiling. As the mentioning goes Chujingshengqing, so the value in answer is the vicinity of the scene described here when we look at the scene, stimulated by the center, reminiscing the tragic carry on the wonderful go.
To surround the city as a lusty base, its chief renewed three pavilions. This three-tier pavilion was a across from the atmosphere looking down. Now round the city wall can still be seen inside the four corners of the rectangular fashion protruding inward Qiangduo, round walls and Qiangduo seamless. Three have a plaque on the pavilion. The altitude floor for the governance lens Court, Middle entitled too interested in Cangzhou, lower entitled Perception. This amount is not recalling the tragic of the three questions were, those in power ambition to express the paradise, look down the road verdict the nation geographically. Governance mirror Court House is also clear grab of politics. Mirror Court governing how lofty in the end, I have not found. However, there are still remains of the existing Duanqiang surmise three or four stories tall, with lofty tactile days, hand elect the stars to describe the terror is not an exaggeration. In [...], it towering high-rise, with the northern shore of Lake Kunming, the echoes of Buddhist Incense is then very eye-catching landscape.
In 1860, British and French troops invaded the Qing Yi Park. See this high, muscular construction, suspected the naval, no approach apt, then use cumbersome firearms to make this grand moment into Canqiang Duanyuan Watertown. Later, while the Empress not merely did not rebuilt the Summer Palace rebuilt it, yet to make it with a stone lumber removed, ambition repeatedly be unharmed. Still later, the fortunes failure, lack of treatment, there are also many human approximately to dig as the launching of this split. Broken by far, further admission.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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