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Kunning is the third house after the three Palace, the Ming Dynasty is a queen is sleep, the East two created the Qing Dynasty emperor marrying bridal compartment when the West is to martyrdom five Shentang shamanism. Ritual etiquette, chaired over by a shaman wife,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], shaman by the absences of women as wives, showing that the male ring beads Princess Miss Master is Qiong Yao's own invention, this perception she was clearly not as good as Jin Yong. Junji the Qing Dynasty, Kangxi, wen, Guang Xu, Pu Yi had used Kunning bridal chamber. Other emperors of marriage so useless in the latent use of Di. Most of the existing self-made clock, Forbidden City in Beijing to pay a large clock Thai temple.
This clock about 6 meters lofty, due to large size, accompanied to the back of a staircase, as the winding and turntable needle during the event. Clock gear chapters, a explicit system and the rotation of Chinese-made homemade beat marks. Major mechanical and accurate. Sound is quite noisy. This clock has been damaged ahead liberation, liberation from the past at the antique Qing made to do repair table workers repaired it. National Palace Museum houses what the digit? View circulating in society in common is the 9999 half. Why is there a half, not one int hash it into ten thousand? The aboriginal, the legendary home of the Temple of the Jade Emperor in heaven there are ten thousand houses. Emperor Though valuable for the emperor, but the system can not be more mundane, more than Temple housing quantity. But the emperor is "the Son of Heaven", with the civil population of different nature, the Habitat houses are not too small, therefore, had to build the creating of 9,999 apartments less than the temple is only a half, a half after referring to this Wenhua Dian Wen Yuan Court west stairwell.
In truth, this outlook special unreliable, for the Palace is the Ming and Qing dynasties of the castle, premier built during Yongle self-evident to the beginning of magnificent alterations, during the Ming Dynasty through the consecutive expansion of the war's erasure of the late Ming and Qing Dynasty Repair and build. Wen Yuan Ge, such as the Qianlong phase for storage is "Si Ku Quan Shu" and built. System of the Ming and Qing different system, it can not have the same number of rooms in houses. In increase, "a half", said there is no basis in fact, a half is still a entire, but smaller, with only an as the up and down the stairs CASTLE. Wen Yuan Ge is the estate of China's 1st "Four Books" of the premises for the accumulation of "Sky raw water, to Liu Cheng of the" signification water, fire, Wen Yuan Ge, reversing the Forbidden City for the housing among an odd number practice, the use of do not talk of even symmetry - 6 rooms. But for the charm of the layout, the western end of a construction exceptionally small, seems to be a half rooms. 1972, In order to illuminate how many houses the National Palace Museum issues between the ancient experts a comprehensive scrutinize of the Forbidden City, and in agreement with the standards immediately preponderating, "as between the four-post", the statistics, the outcome is: the Forbidden City Total Housing 8707.
Phoebe behind the house, via the corridor around to the four known House. Nestled in the pines and cypresses Random House namely known in 4 of the emperor summoned the minister and the regional minority chairmen, and the character of Hall of Mental Cultivation similar, yet not as Palace Bale. Four Random House plaque namely known personally at the Emperor Qianlong book, everyone from the middle of plaque tin penetrate the gathering stamp,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], which the parties accustomed the Qianlong seal, engraved "Five Treasures of the emperor Five seventies." It can be seen, was yet five-generation of the Qianlong Emperor. Random House's four-four known, what is averaged apt know it, he had taken from the "Book of Changes" section of "gentlemen know Sophie, equitable know, know slightly, knowing Akira, all entities see" namely is, apt differentiate hereafter generations, a male must soft, hard, light and dark minor. Jiaqing emperor ascended the emperor later the plaque above the site quite comprehend, merely too personally wrote a writing review.
Mrs Hall is a cross of the second temple after the three palaces, architectural fashions and the house with the similar, but slightly smaller scale. She is the queen of the palace of Ming Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty is the Queen's birthday greet to accept the area,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the additional, Asian side of the throne of the ancient temple to pay too much timing and west Tonghudilou chime clock is a large modern city palace and the whole basis of period . Shenwu Men and the alarm spire chime as all this shall prevail. Pay too much treasure house or place kept twenty-five, twenty-fifth Po is decided by Emperor Qianlong, a character of royal power in the State seal. Twenty-five the origins of this number there is a story of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty was the longest in ancient China, the world's largest number of calendar Twenty Five Dynasties, the Qing Emperor Qianlong also ambition to experience twenty-five generations, so the seal will be set at two fifteen. History, whatever, with a joke Emperor Qianlong, the Qing Emperor Shun Zhi entrance from the calendar only ten generations, and not as consider as Emperor Qianlong.
Wu Yingdian there is a high-profile west side, there are three small house, cried the Bath German Church. German Church and the surrounding bath, favor the other buildings are repair books, Books from offices and workplaces. Germany bath followed by a Turkish tribunal mansion, which is a smooth round, glass brick mansion with white walls, a transparent roof on top of the bathroom. Bath Tak Tong back gate, through the corridors of white glazed brick building, with bathroom additional. West wall of the bathroom there is water and boiler room. Ming Dynasty emperor Wu Yingdian rapid, but also in the bath. Qing Wu Yingdian situated in the Department revised the book, the bathroom can be transformed into a fumigation book edition of the workshop. Early Republic, warmhearted known here is dry appearance Xiang Fei Long bath at the time. Legend of Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong in the pacification of Huibu (now Xinjiang) size and chomo rebellion, got a pretty, fragrant this woman over the body, known as "Xiang Fei." Where the antiquities on display from Shenyang Imperial Palace and Summer Palace at Chengde [...] of artifacts found in a military uniform matron portrait, it will be attached as Xiang Fei; Wu Yingdian afresh after the bath, mention German Church and Xiang Fei shower at the bathroom, to hang the picture for visitors. The historian concluded after serious research: Wu Yingdian when the long dry place ministers repair books, it is impossible to Xiang Fei in the bath.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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