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beijing daytime trips

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Shave 50 years from infancy to old barber chair
Because there are a ton of multiple statues, statues that they had equitable lever Xu Mizuo, for there is no assist steady, broke 5 statues came tumbling down. The sound of loud ruckus, causing the village when a dog barking. Almost horrified a few people in horror, they rushed to quit crowbar, ambition pull out of the village Buddha fragments fitted with trolley automobiles, Hebei like outrageous to go through. They likewise kas long asthe police will mow stop at dawn. Them to the vicinity of the new music Quyang County, cunning to turn into a tractor on the statue, above it, covered with sand, will finally pull the living Buddha in the village, buried in backyards Meng-Star. Just a few of them muse that anything is all right and began to do nightmare of getting wealthy, the French Open has been open.
The next morning, scrutinize the Buddha's wife, Yao Zhiming Zhang Baoying who came to the stone placed in front of Buddha, base the door is opened, the stone Buddha which was missing. She nearly fell to the floor immediately, and her husband to the police. When the police and the leading of Beijing Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage arrived, Yao Zhiming almost began to wail. Case at the Beijing civic administration together excellent magnitude. Suspected key bolt Quyang. Interpol believe that priority can not be sold to criminals Buddha statues can not let the detriment of more overseas.
Tianjin, Dalian, Qinhuangdao and other ports to increase the customs inspection exertions. Meanwhile, Wang Yi,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], vice skipper led several investigators instantly rushed to the Quyang, build a impetus, deter criminals, no accessible resold to the Big Buddha. Every day, Interpol must buy stone dressed merchant, trading in the Quyang the extra prominent town of stone favor the second intonation, the end of the countryside, Nam Chang Village and other locations looking as it for signs of Buddha, and in-depth at the regional huge old stone in the comprehending of the trading location. In Quyang County, engaged in stone commerce people know thatBeijing come to ascertain the Big Buddha. 3 months for the murderer deterrent, the criminal police task compel namely tin put the snake out of its chasm. They try to mislead: Beijing who came to the Buddha is worked, tin not supply to waste period.
In fact, in their go by next turn dingy. Finally, to September, Interpol have been hints, some 10 million to the amount, [...] a broken stone statues. September 29, in coordination with the local public security police, Meng-Xing, Liu eg, Wang Liqiang other three criminals were arrested in one fell swoop, and collared the villages Hinata Quyang the Buddha. September 29,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], 1998, Beijing Public Security Bureau Xingzhen Chu police officers have been broke into 5 chips with the Northern Wei Dynasty statues returned to Beijing from Hebei Quyang victory. Beijing Municipal Cultural Relics Bureau has resolved to temporarily statues of Northern Wei Dynasty to Tibet Beijing Stone Carving Art Museum, restoration experts from the salon. December 16, 2005,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], held a achievement ceremony of the Capital Museum, Northern Wei Dynasty was on display in the exhibit five statues of the Buddha Statue Art Gallery of the maximum famous rank, to encounter the crowd.
"Playing the babies since I can memorize, here Hair, Tin craft particularly agreeable Father." Lived in the southeast edge of the rice market Caishikou alley Chenda Shu said. In the rice market in the eastern lane narrow northwardly exit 36, there is one shrieked "Wind Cloud" small beautician shop. This barber mart Just how long history, merely quite few people proficient to talk apparently. Now it is deeply preoccupied to the old barber's neighbors, it is a father and son duo Tian Father craft cache that 2 of the final century and 50 annuals old barber seat. "I was nativity in 1945, that when there is this old shop, it should age than I am big." Father Chen Temple Street approximate the security smiled and said, "it was our big brother to me Tin haircut, now give me a haircut Oda . "shop merely 20 square meters, coat anchors behind the door is thick ceramics. Two white draw off the outdated barber chairs placed in the side chamber of 20 square meters. White under the chair is cast steel plates, mottled black face of countless marks have been broken up.
Store landlord Tian, 44, grew up in this alley, in 1989, took over his father's old one. He recollections that old store opened in 1930 approximately his grandfather's Men Lianfang opened with their own little business. After the liberation of public-private partnerships, shops [...] down. The late 80s, my father opened this shop another. Just at that time, Tin Father failed state-owned barber shop from the "pick" to the two chairs. "This chair is manufactured around 1950 in Tianjin." "This chair barber shop, but then the state criterion aboard ah." Tian said, "Looking behind, this chair than I do always of them are big." He patted chair back, "mention it, this chair is not advanced, can not accommodate the seat elevation. but this chair is very strong, the big two or 3 pounds of portly, to sit on it, motionless."

beijing china tours

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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