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beijing china tours

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After the play namely said apt Mei Lanfang, most family late night. Although he countryman of Jiangsu, the growth in Beijing, home apt the kitchen to do trays, "Beijing cuisine" based. To defend the natural golden voice, his bogey spicy savor, sweet and sour. He believes namely what makes spicy dry larynx, sweet sticky thing to pharynx, vocal cables to make things acid astringent, ought be eat. He likes to dine wash Sauce, fried tofu, hemp, explode lamb,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], braised pork, grilled lamb, mustard and additional delicacies wharf, but the sum of food to reserve eligible. After the 1950s, an commander, he has gradually put ashore heaviness, probably also many social activities.
Beijing created in the Ming Dynasty Qing Dynasty Sauce, and ham, bacon and Guangdong, known as the "3 notable Chinese beef" to arm tip after the thin-skinned pigs produced via a difficult process, salty taste, differ from the sweetness of the Soviet-style Sauce , Mr. Liang Shiqiu liked to eat. Ma fried tofu is also a preference old Beijing, according to romance created in the early Ming. Fermented soybean breast with a busy bombard, the water evaporates, the remaining remnant is hemp tofu. Color gray, slightly greenish, with sheep tail Fry and eat savory and affordable. Mei Lanfang also beverage soybean breast, said that he lived in Shanghai during the warfare to drink, the disciples from Beijing, Fu Hu Yan Huizhu rendition, but also special with four kilograms of soybean milk in a decanter to send him for the elephants. "Yandu small food Zayong" has been praised Douzhi:
Dross really can be secondhand because soup, the savor of the antique svelte thick paste. No men and women to sit attach,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], each one glass salt palatability. And said: "too salty sour taste in increase to those who knew that food" can be depicted as a won Samadhi. Kohlrabi sauce to be equipped with drinking Douzhi Lansi, pay attention to the still with the old salt mustard silk, mow quite fine, merge with chili oil, with the focus ring with brown and frail. Mei Lanfang is no spicy food, approximately the chili fuel to save a. Douzhi and beautify the rind, so he has skin pearly and tender, favor pinch draw water. In increase, he likewise liked watermelon, pear, peach and other fruit juice, either Qudu a goal, but likewise to protect the voice.
When eating out, Mei Lanfang like to go to "grill season,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]," "roast Wan", "Dong Lai Shun" and other stores. "Barbecue season," the owner surnamed season begin in the mid-nineteenth centenary, situated next to Shichahai, are facing a pool of remove water, Yuan Wang Xishan sunset, the scenery very beauteous. Roast lamb was very thin, seasoning with soy sauce, vinegar, ginger, cooking wine, brine shrimp sauce, onion, coriander and other end of their own barbecue with pine bough, and then to the garlic, cucumber, peppery tongue to eat cookie, sweet. Therefore, from 1930,1940's literary and masterpiece circles since the Beijing assembly area for celebrities, Lao She, Mei Lanfang, Ma Lianliang, who is guest of prestige.
"Barbecue Wan" in the West Avenue near the mouth of Xuanwumen, founded in the mid eighteenth century. Where to eat roast meat, beef is the first mix into the onion, ginger, garlic, sugar, soy sauce, shrimp sauce, drenched in MSG and then scalding barbecue their own fruit, meat, sprinkle with parsley instant when the sections , sesame oil, excellent flavor. Mei Lanfang eat here a year before his necrosis, he excitedly caption poem.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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