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beijing daytime trips

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Zheng He and the changes in Malacca
July 11 this year, is the maiden voyage of Zheng He 600th annual day. 600 years ago, Zheng He led seven periods carried out a large fleet, which lasted 28 years, involving 37 countries and zones in Asia and Africa in the magnificent Great sailing, either in world marine history, foreign history, or the trade in the history, are written a brilliant page. Zheng and his fleet built the gifted, are still warmhearted spread by the world. Especially in Southeast Asia, the name of Zheng He is forever interlocked with Malacca, has chance the people of China and the Malacca littoral countries a character of the history of peace and friendship. For which we have a big vision of person peace and development see at this history, chasing past ask this, look to the future, is of magnificent significance.
In the Chinese classics, the "full assassination plus" is immediately "Malacca." Historically, "Malacca" has existed as a kingdom. Because of geographical reasons, the Chinese people have long had arrived here. According to Chinese history books "Geography" of the records, as early as the beginning of the 1st century AD,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the Han Chinese traders had come to the peel of the Straits of Malacca and the local population were established economic ties. According to Japanese historical plenitude of eight research scholars Fujita, leather cases in which the skin between Sumatra and Singapore, Sound Island (Indonesian word for banana island), or "Zheng He chart" of the frame cases. Andean archaeologist Frederick Ling from Java, Sumatra and Kalimantan unearthed pottery of the Han Dynasty in China, but also that the AD era when the Chinese people have to trade the island close the Strait of Malacca.
Since then, consecutive dynasties have on the Southeast Asia and the reciprocal interchange of records. Therefore, the Indonesian historian Amin Barney in "South Asia in Indonesia," one wrote: "Since ancient times,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], China's Southeast Asia live in willingness, people of all countries are often invited to visit China in Southeast Asia." Trade and economic exchanges have promoted the interaction between civilization . For instance, in the seventh century, the Buddha passed away Sumatra chamber Buddhism flourished Lee,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], became the center of Buddhist Studies in Southeast Asia, this Tang Dynasty recluse often studying Sanskrit, Buddhist studies, and after working to India for further studies here. According to "Eminent Grand Method" included in the Tang Dynasty, Buddhist monks to learn in Indonesia and up to 2 dozen Sheng, with the exception of Buddhist entities, study of the local language. Here is the Chinese people immigrated to the 14th century began, the premier to set up commerce in the Malacca Museum, warehouse, began in the early 15th century leaves.
Dynasties in archaic China envoy to the maximum visited countries in Southeast Asia in the Ming Dynasty. The Ming Dynasty was in the political, economy, cultural, and shipbuilding and marine technology, not merely far onward of any before era in China, but also in the earth leading position, these are entire leaves of the magnificent sailing the early Ming Dynasty laid a solid foundation activities . As the noted British scholar Joseph Needham in the "History of Science and Technology of China," a book described: in the first half of the 15th century, in the Eastern world, from the waves of ten thousand ares of the Chinese sea, until the vast waters of the eastern coast of Africa, showing a Chinese rule the roost sites in the sea picture. Malacca is the sea voyage and have to pass through.
First, the premier annual of Yongle (1403) Yin Qing ambassador apt Malacca, after Zheng He in 1405 apt 1433 seven travels journeys through here. According to historical records, the early 15th century monarchy of Malacca leaves, deserving to external intrusion and turn China's Ming Dynasty, Zheng He is too responsible for the "messenger of truce" mission, where his fleet to aid eradicate piracy and promote their solution and not neighboring countries and with the clash. The first voyages of Zheng, Liu, Suzhou Creek from the Asia Standard to Fujian, then set navigate to sail from Fujian Five Humen, China along Champa, Malacca, and then traverse the nation, with major countries above the isles and the Indian Ocean and Arabia, Persia, East Africa beach eastern countries trade and nice. During the second travels journeys of Zheng to 6 years in Paradise (1408) guided to the assassination of Malacca Bailimisu canonized as throne by the Sudan, Malaysia and the resulting rapport created, accordingly increasingly powerful kingdom of Malacca, Malacca port also became the heart of East-West advertisement and trading activities, which makes Malacca received extra than a century of peace. Malacca sovereign individually guided missions to China above many occasions, the largest an had reached 540 people. In this regard, Australia's leadership historian of Indonesia Megawati Rick Lively Chase in his 1981 paperback "Indonesia History" books, wrote: "From the beginning the main menace to the Malacca Siam, but behind in 1405 Malacca to China to seek and receive protection. Since then, teams of Malacca again sent envoys to visit China, the first 3 kings in person to partake in these missions, and the Ming Dynasty Admiral Zheng He led a massive Chinese fleet visit to Malacca, until 1434 . China was the protection and promotion of the status of the consolidation of Malacca. "

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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