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large walls tour

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Children in the Hutong, Dongcheng Ju 3, 5 and 6 of life than the lane. Rong Lu: Zizhong Bi, Shi Wenzhong. Born in 1836 and died in 1903, the Qing bureaucratic feudal diehards. Dynasty reign, the Imperial Household Minister and further upgrading of minister of works bidding commander, be cleared from bureau for accepting bribes. But soon they were merely use for Xi'an common, whichever Bingbushangshu 1895. Sino, the Reform Movement rising, he insisted, "progenitors of the law tin not alteration" opposition the Reformation Movement, thus won the confidence of the Empress Dowager Cixi, 1898, granted Zhili Governor and Minister of the Northern Command, the Northern Army, the heavily in hand to facilitate in the Empress Dowager Cixi suppression of the Reform Movement coup. Kill reformers and meritorious, as minister of military aeroplane. When the Boxer Rebellion, but also by the Empress Dowager Cixi will, deception, suppression of the Boxers, protection of exotic minister.
Children crossroads the alley is located in Rong Lu Ju house, the aboriginal large, facing south, open the door in the alley children Ju, Ju-west alley between babies and east alley entry, north to life than the alley, the mansion is divided into three parts: west, western neatness buildings in the garden, the East for residential, residential chapter of the five courtyards, including the back seat, hall, main house and two into the ancestral hall, the incipient fashion is not understood, the existing three blocks down , so the two penthouse, as the first gray Tongwa hard mountain ridge hoop, the former with a platform, three Pi, East and West rooms of the three, is also the first hoop ash Tongwa hard mountain ridge, entire through the corridors, doors, windows and Qing Dynasty style main building, the internal is still the fourth, fifth two-for its shrine, 5 facing the South, head hoop ash Tongwa hard ridges of mountains, with corridors. Now the shrine and into the front yard later the two separated in life than to open a unattached alley, the middle of the garden have been destroyed several buildings built housing, as a element of dwelling, Western has been part of the reconstruction, the leftover of the antique house is only a two-part Western Mansion layer. The house was published in 1986 by cultural relics protection units for the Dongcheng District.
Door in the afternoon, Tai Wo front of the hall, eighteen years of the Ming Yongle (1420) was established, initially cried Mukden gate, Jiajing forty year (1562) renamed the Queen very door, the Qing renamed Gate of Supreme Harmony is the magnificent palace towards the door, full height 23.8 m, Miankuo nine, Zhong Yan Dianding veranda, toward a row of what every apartment, a couple of copper lions guard both sides of the existing structure for Xiaoguang Xu years of reconstruction. Civil and military officials during the Ming Dynasty to the Mukden door Zaozhao day dawn, the emperor to approve the adore and dealing with administration here, "the Royal door hearings." Jingtai afternoon among the gate toward the east veranda days in Thailand onward the left door (immediately the Concord door) held at the door and left a relatively flat by the right door (now hee and doors), Zou Shi Ming of the period is Baiguan. Qing "Imperial door hearings" held the door moved to dry clean.
Emperor worship in the Gate of Supreme Harmony to accept, Ciyan. Concorde East veranda doors on both sides Inspection Office and the Cabinet Patent Edict Edict room and cupboard doors; West veranda and doors on both sides is rotating Hee learn and Confidential Memorandum and the Shan Fang outside the salon doors. Commonly known as the throne room, the heart of the Forbidden City, is an of the three main hall Palace, built in the eighteenth year of Yongle (1420), ninth year (1421) scalded down in April by thunderbolt, traditional six years (1441) and reconstruction, first appoint Mukden Palace, Jiajing forty year (1562) renamed the Queen very Hall, Shunzhi year (1645) and renamed the Hall of Supreme Harmony, the existing building for thirty-four years of Qing Emperor Kangxi (1695) reconstruction, the three main hall build in 8.13-meter-high pearly marble platform, the station pedestal divided into three layers, each has a Whitehead fence, guard rail looking for the cloud column decorated dragon and phoenix, the drainage below the carved dragons 1142 Whitehead, rain when Qianlong was spit water spectacle.
Sets the middle of 3 stone steps,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], stone steps between the central stone-paved by the "Royal Road", carved on precipice rill water, Beaulieu, Thang Long queried the clouds. Hall of Supreme Harmony is due to hold a ceremony where the emperor, to show the majesty of imperial power, the tall building regulations. Miankuo hall 11, 63.96 m, depth 5,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], 37.7 meters, 26.92 meters high, with base height, 35.03 meters-high, the chief hall space of 2377 square meters, is the largest remaining wooden building of buildings. Basilica because the double eaves and yellow cup Tongwa Dianding veranda, red walls, a aggregate of 72 large wooden pillars, the hall outside the elaboration is very luxurious, Linghua compartment fan windows and doors, at the coupler to have the carved pattern of regal gold and copper foliage, golden dragon on the door patterns, it is often said namely the gold Fei, golden window. Ssangyong Lek powder painting, and for the Golden Seal, which is a feudal fashion of society's most valuable drawing.
Beaulieu in hall 6 namely a living character of the navel of a great column of 7 treads high fortress,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], located ashore the alive character of hollow Phoebe Diao throne, the throne by the altitude is the alive symbol of the Beaulieu caisson, a glittering from top to bottom. Wong Ming and Qing dynasties there were 24 enrolled here this pole, rose the king announced the edict, the year New Year's Day, Winter Solstice, Wanshou Festival (the emperor's birthday), and the volume up Queen, King wedding, alleged campaign and the emperor in a etiquette here, the house outside Danbi, the east is the ancient timer - sundial; the west side of Kerry, and this is nine Qianlong (1744) volume of manufacturing sham Tang Jia symbolic gauges. Another tripod-type furnace, bronze turtles, copper cranes, when they either lit incense rite appliances, merely likewise Jiangshan Yong solid symbol.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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