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When the thief was kidnapped boy was removed thous

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 PostPosted: Wed 3:44, 06 Apr 2011    Post subject: When the thief was kidnapped boy was removed thous Back to top

intern reporter Zhu Jun, Cai Zhen-Zhen
investigation by the heavy rail Police Department, Er Xiadi other children should be professional group in Xinjiang, kidnapped by the kidnappers. The kidnappers may now Chongqing, Sichuan, Xinjiang, street children about growing.
holding the police shouted He was on the phone to the police the child's physical characteristics and contact phone number.

on the train, Er Xiadi heart with the intention to escape, always looking for opportunity. February 1st night, the train stopped at a station (the police later learned that the Er Xiadi get off the train station for the Deyang, Sichuan). See an Erxia Di said he had wanted to call on the other four children, but it certainly revealed the secret, only to give up.
child's psychological affected

Erxia Di's father said that his son has half the experience of panic. Currently, Erxia Di Guang sister also stayed at, afraid to go out and talk. He said his son is very smart, had relatively good expression.

Yesterday, the reporter was removed links to Erxia Di's father. This man will say Chinese Uighurs very limited, and journalists exchange with a very difficult, and can not contact his daughter out.
After the exchange, the police found the boy, the caller is looking for Xinjiang children.

Li Hua brought the frightened face, the body stops shivering boy back to the police station,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the children end to hot water and warm clothes for him plus.

learned that the kidnapping took place in Xinjiang, the case has been transferred to the territorial public security organs cracked.
on the train, the skills, and with respect to Sichuan after

boy called Erxia Di, 8 years old, Urumqi, Xinjiang people. Er Xiadi said two weeks ago,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], he met some street in Urumqi, As vaguely remember my sister and father working in Sichuan, he willingly agreed,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], followed by several On the train with him another four children in Xinjiang, I asked, they are followed by
get off at the extreme tension in Erxia Di. Er Xiadi to escape after that, how can we get far some.

Hua found that, in addition to
After investigation, the caller provided telephone is near the railway station in Chongqing Alarm, the heavy iron around the Police Department immediately directed the police to start searching more than 200.

2 am, Er Xiadi to long-distance station, and pulled out the body's only money, bought a long-distance bus tickets to Chongqing. That morning, Er Xiadi car arrived at the bus station in Chongqing Caiyuanba, as inner extreme panic, he pushed for a maximum of Chongqing near the train station. Carries forward the last few dollars, Erxia Di public phone call with his father. After receiving the phone, dialed his father, Chongqing, 110,110 calls to the command center will be a heavy rail police.

8-year-old boy thousands of miles to escape
police. Police sent for translation, this 8-year-old children learned cheated when the pickpocket, and later fled to the experience of thousands of miles.

Hua sergeant on duty at the station waiting room search and found a skinny boy, blue eyes, wearing a yellow sweater, dirty body.
Erxia Di's father that the child two weeks before the inexplicable disappearance, the family was very anxious. February 2 children received a phone call from the Chongqing Railway Station, the family immediately called the police. February 2, the daughter of working in Guang'an arrived in Chongqing, severely iron hands of the police received a brother,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], very excited.


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

Han Dynasty tomb in Changsha stolen grave robbers

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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