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beijing an daytime tour

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Hall of Preserving Harmony Miankuo 9, deep into the five, flat rectangular, square cup Tongwa yellow diamond spire. New Year's Eve and the Lantern Festival every annual while the Qing emperor in the Qing majesty of this banquet and Beijing in the civil and military ministers. Century apt the late Qianlong 118, Hall of Preserving Harmony is the maximum level of the house of the Qing Dynasty Imperial Examination type of premises. Hall of Supreme Harmony Hall of Supreme Harmony in the Forbidden City, imperial China best embodies the character of power, not merely the zone of the house of the Forbidden City, the biggest an always, and type of system namely the maximum descriptions.
Pedestal-high 37.44 meters Forbidden City, Miankuo 11, deep into five, construction area of 2377 square meters. Yunlong logo embossed doors and windows, interior texture with a fixed cried BRIC TRANSACTIONS svelte tiles, the heart placed the sovereign. Beaulieu both sides of the throne of Kim Joo-6, with every col Lek abrasive paste on the process paint a dragon, clouds, color flew God, the whole temple seems stately and imposing. Ming and Qing dynasties, during the New Year (Spring Festival),[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Winter Solstice, Wanshou (emperor birthday) and accession to the throne, marrying, life would be apprenticeship, Hall style Wei team of folk, have held a grand ritual here. Wenhua Dian in the construction layout, was the chief auditorium of the right wing, in function, it is joined appearance the hall toward the 3. Wenhua Dian Mandarin in front of the door later the house of the Lord King, to a side hall things. East side of the house and center, said there are campus-wide. Is "Jingyan" area ahead the adore of Confucius. Well understood as a colossal hospital pantry well, well sweet, were the highest Capitol. Wenhua Dian is the Prince who first built the cardinal hall, the roof is covered with green tiles. Prince Edward was quite young for a few, can not deal with political businesses, so in the official transition of Emperor Jia Jing Piandian fifteen years, into sight,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the appoint of the Jingyan etiquette held here.
Royal Emperor Ming and Qing dynasties, "Jingyan" are by the vernal equinox, autumnal equinox and summer. Emperor Yu to jot on, expounding their own studying, "classics" of the experience, the Qing emperor's Classic Lecture on the use of imperial Manchu and Chinese each repein a moment repeatedly. Wenchen knelt in the Imperial, the Emperor Yu of hearing. Kang Qing Dynasty, Yongzheng and Qianlong emperors are very profound cultural literacy, the emperor spoke happily, to the mood, also named Wenchen discussion. Then, the Emperor gave us a cup of tea, take a wreck. Finally, as the civil officials who had the medal to attend the ceremony a special award, the Emperor rate Wenhua Dian open the back door we came to send up the rear Wen Yuan Ge, award civil officials who read the Court in the collection. Meridian Gate is the main entrance of the Forbidden City. North East and West units interlocked to the city on three sides, among by a square square.
North door, Miankuo 9, Zhong Yan Huangwa Dianding veranda. Each stage what the city veranda chamber thirteen, from the south door arranged on both sides, fashioned favor Yanchi, also known as Yanchi layer. Yanchi ground in the northwardly and south ends of asset namely have one eaves Cuanjian Ding Ting Que. Majesty of the Meridian Gate, surrounded by favor three Luan, Wufeng processes, imposing, it is commonly known as the Wufeng Lou. Meridian Gate has five beginnings, yet the positive side, seems to be three, in truth, there are almost two Yemen assured, open metropolis of Taiwan, where east and west side, one because the West, one for the East. The 2 beginnings are east and west into his platform into, then north street, out from the city of Taipei. Therefore, from afternoon to see the behind of the door, there is the five openings, so there are "three dark out five," said. Usually the main entrance which can way only the emperor; emperor marriage, the queen can enter once; successful candidates similarly, will draw winner, second place, third overall out of three can begin once the door. In the Qing Dynasty,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], civil and military ministers out of the left door, right out the door chiefs and royal clan. Usually not open approximately Yemen, the emperor held the ceremony in the Hall of Supreme Harmony, the civil and military officials it out along the two Yemen. Meridian Gate about two medium gate Que pavilion, equipped with bells and drums.
He Shiming minutes, when the drum, there are rules. Emperor worship temples ring the alarm out of the Meridian Gate; emperor worship drum when the Imperial Ancestral Temple; Emperor Shengdian ceremony held when the bells and drums sing. October every year the Qing Dynasty emperor who began the Meridian Gate in the second year of the almanac presented, introduction ceremony was held, called "Moon of the award ceremony." In the Ming Dynasty, the emperor in the p.m. outside the square wand minister criminal of delinquency. Secretary of State under the Ming Dynasty, "Ting Zhang," a crowd of of penalty, the smudge was too the necrosis of wand.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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