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beijing china tours

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Chongzhen of subjugation, "History of the Ming Liuzei Biography" in the summary of a quite comprehensive: "Following the reunification of the village is also strong, civil and military officials of the Bureau has chance a party, Kusano the material has been expended, the state of the decree has been broken, the frontier is already rather catch discard into perplexity . ... ... appearance is not saved to the Minister, who behalf from always productive regulation of the center. ... ... failure of a party that will kill, devastate a city that killed 1 officials, reward and discipline is not so remove as for the punishment too rigid as for the system Yu can not be made. to normal calamities, epidemic, famine Zhen, political Fan Fu weight, outdoor Hong interior revolt.
Ah! Chuang muscular non-lost his country, and when the subjugation of the manoeuvre, and lack of rescue of the surgery, only reflected in its coke workmen dim confusion, ... ... and death were caused by social subversion,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], only to the body martyrdom,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Bei Fu! " Rereading the riot legion intruded the capital, nevertheless the country did not end the war the local. In Beijing, Miyun Force subaltern, led by Zhang, Changping to the rebels preoccupied the metropolis, writing in blood with a [...] to the metropolis, to fight in the end. So the Ming Dynasty officials with the metropolis beset appointment agreed well, also complementary. In early May, fighting from morn to buffet by noon, the capture of Changping town. But the Ming Dynasty has long been a foregone conclusion. Qingbingruguan behind the emperor's posthumous letters Chongzhen caring side were the emperor, afterward the posthumous title of Emperor Min Feng Chuang mighty, martyred for his act, much sure. Zhang Qing Emperor Shun Zhi four generation ancestor, fix and Industry sent a preoccupied mausoleum, built by 3 Xiangdian, but also the construction of the wall. Junji 9 banned felling of trees in the Ming Tombs. Many old trees are preserved.
Junji sixteen annuals in November, the Qing throne to the Ming Tombs Chapter predecessor adore Ling Zhu Ling, and calculating, and regal a funeral oration, merely also life as a scholar Jin Chun Ming Si Ling written inscription, which concluded: Chongzhen emperor morsel diligently seeking management monarch, the emperor is no the most occupied misconduct, "the aggregate due to infidelity by the ministers to quest the country", employing a problem, coupled with the paranoid personality. The substantial ebb of the Ming Dynasty from the Wanli, apocalypse start. Emperor ignoring happenings of state, national strength, disability, frequent fighting in the northwardly,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], do not ambition to resort the stuff, but listen to Encore heresy, namely the ascend of the Manchu descendant of Jurchen Jin Dynasty tomb is the throne of gas too rapidly, rushed towards the throne of the wind, then destroyed Fangshan Jinling, slit to pulse, also Jin Taizu Dingling the Xiangdian also removed to stop the worship, and the construction of the temple, that the vestiges of surgery. These practices did not promote the strength, only gradually decline to the Ming Dynasty. Chongzhen emperors themselves martyred. Junji sixteen afresh in December calculating it was renovated tomb and ordered the establishment of household tomb, nursing hill, ritual incense. Local officials should strictly look.
Emperor worship was also over the Ming Tombs. Five years of the Qianlong emperor worship a special voyage to discern the next Kiosk Hall of years of neglect, we use the state treasury, a comprehensive restoration of the Ming Tombs. Three years later, repair is completed, Emperor Qianlong ordered an inspection, whether a house wall trees trauma, local officials are queried to take. For those of Han Chinese officials asked Fuming, this is simply not the tomb of Emperor Chong Zhen, retention house can only be regarded, that the temporary burial location, to retaliate after the owner of the tomb in order to officially migrate into the tomb, but also think the appoint of Ling from right. But this is "thinking" is many mysterious meaning of the word, as the conveyor of the change of dynasties, Chongzhen death, ample to make future generations think deeply. Ancient paperbacks said: "The fellow with the administration indiscriminately out of shape, and colleagues ignored the chaos is not dead." In anybody circumstance, a empire finished. Wang Qinghe, Emperor Qianlong had done the Sentences and the Ming Tombs, the Ming emperors over the centuries of history and a summary of every. One wrote Chongzhen Emperor: "Building a wood branch rather, more economic and more harsh for the next suspect. Has only virtual ear very hard, strong ship Kazuya martyrdom of faithful."
From the tomb of the Ming Dynasty, we can vaguely see the decline of the Ming Dynasty to the change from Sheng trail. Chang Ling left and right are two tombs, Xian Ling Ling and King. Xianling the fourth emperor of the Ming Ju Chi, and the mausoleum of Empress Zhang. King Ling Feng, Shandong below the Tianshou Montenegro, was the fifth emperor Zhu Zhanji mausoleum buried attach with Queen Sun. Similarity of the 2 emperors: the opening of construction of the DPRK, that the difficulties of entrepreneurship, taking into list the long-term reliability of the cause, to be economical ashore the construction of the mausoleum. Ren Ju Ming Chi, only a year when the emperor, that not long dynasty, not to make too many results, not send more benefits to the folk, left last words ahead death: the construction of the mausoleum have to proceed from the thrift.
King Ling of the smallest. Ren, Xuanzong advocated thrift, left "the most simple Xian Ling, Jing Ling, followed by," said. The Emperor Jia Jing of the merit of that Emperor Xuan Zong and the tomb too big contrast, for the King Mausoleum distended the scale a little, re-built the Ling En Hall and additional architectures, it is something.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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