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beijing excursion package

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Qianlong Garden is Ningshou Gong Garden, outside the National Palace Road Ningshou Gong in the west, was established in Qianlong year (1776),[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], is built simultaneously with the overlord Ningshou Gong Palace, the gardens 160 meters northwardly apt south and from east apt west 37 meters wide, covers an space of 5920 square meters, divided into five portioned patchwork of manifold ground auditorium pavilion, winding passageways, and airing of the rocks and into the meantime, the calm mood HARMONY. The main erection has ancient Heights, Xu Hui Ting, Xi excursion compartments, raising of the temple the temple, then the early Church, and Crafts House tours, stretched amuse in architecture, Fu Wang Court, bamboo incense Archive.
Hutong, Dongcheng District government school in 65. The Ming and Qing dynasties Shuntian School, was founded in late, there were four roaming monk, heaved money in the construction of Grace Temple, the Temple had fair completed, has even now placed sculptures, a time while the army intruded the Ming Dynasty Peking, the city share of the Ming crews are always approximately, the recluse was at once, afraid of just the construction of the temple were destroyed, are unable to do anything when we are told: there is a explicit advising that the military: do not Xushi Bing into the temple, so this will be a wooden priest in a hurried placed in the temple of Confucius, like the system in order to shade out troops to stop. Later, for a outcome of Confucius, shall not use it again, so here is into school. Wu Ming dynasty, the area for the Daxing County School. Yongle dynasty (1403) or Peking as Shuntian, located in Kyoto Imperial College, where not further set up county school, it changed to Shuntian science, Wanping county school also canceled.
Shuntian school school house west to the east, prime minister Wen Temple, school division next to Minghuan, Xiangxian, Chung Hau Temple, etc.. Miriam Hall 3 gate for Minglun Hall, northeast Kuixing Court, behind the Sacred Temple Church, Court, King behind a pavilion, pavilion after adore by the Court, Court of the West is Professor of Department, Chong Sheng Temple west Discipline Department, Wenchang east door, west Ling Xing Gate, Gate after the Great Hall, traditional years, they rebuilt the Great Hall, and a number of annexed facilities, to the Dynasty, Yang four censors understand and respect in the House Built by the Court in the Northeast Temple, built in the Temple southeast of Wenchang. In the "rehabilitation Shuntian Learning" in the extra detailed written: "Learning to educate in this House rule southeast Zhong Fang, Yuan Wo early concept also. Hongwu first year, in order to observe the Daxing County School. Yongle the 1st year alternatively Peking House for Shuntian, the case shall not be located in Daxing Confucianism men, and thus that the government school.
9 screening instrument built Minglun House prefect thing rapid food, persistent years prefect Zhang Dacheng Hall was built, and school building was built in the Ming Lun Hall After long years decadent ruin, Ningyang Wang Xian to the prefect, and more for the attention of their infantry by the aggression site, is questing to Fu Cheng Fan Yang Bi, Yi Bin governance in Changsha, pass sentence Ninghai Young House, shoving the lawful Anlu Peng Li, period Please re the land. vested apply, then the withdrawal so fashionable, the Great Hall, with two assistant wing, before towards the door to Temple and teacher sages. because of the antique temple to temple Song Chengxiang letter to the country wengong, Written in six Minglun House material,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], with the habitat of Health of the House, there will be dishes Church, a kitchen with a library encapsulates the doors Yan. "
House Science Hongwu years of the incipient "architecture monument," tin be knowledgeable from the inscriptions petitioned the emperor of the Ming Dynasty approved along the Board of Rites, the Shuntian and Wanping, Daxing County, 2 students, knowledge of classics and history, nice make a fuss almost who dictate administrator for Imperial College students, the recess are Shuntian students, in counting, the administration, state, county Jieyou schools, granted a diversity of Arts, a kind of instructors, in appending to classics, history, merely too Miller, melody, Yu, writing, arithmetic, paraneoplastic Thrust fighting force, there is spare capacity is willing to study the txt, is also allowed to study. 3 years later, the students have achieved, advanced Imperial College, is the Scholars; students do not have success, prefectural officials and teachers should be penalized. Such systems for of the early Ming Dynasty, the Hongwu years of the early cessation of 20 examinations,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], merely after reinstated imperial checkup system, with eight-legged essay were agreed, legacy until the late Qing Dynasty.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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