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beijing metropolis tour

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Qing, Haidian the literature we
Eight hundred years long history of Haidian, the sea has all been masterpiece and culture sediment, which Chung Ling Shenxiu we gathered gifted people, there are three in the Qing Dynasty literary main living in Haidian, Haidian adore life, so that the mountains in their Haidian Olympus pen brilliance. The first is the Nalanxingde, (1655 -1685), he was connate in Homer,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], a sheltered life, his father Kangxi Nalan Pearl is the premier minister, thanks to period in the thirteen years, he first Lian After the corruption, to be yet a large wealth when Baxiang millionaire. Of German at an early age amazing intelligent, eighteen-year-old lifts in Shuntian Provincial Examination, twenty-year-old Chin and third, the early third bodyguard of Emperor Kangxi, Emperor greatly thankful the scholarship, and soon subserved to first-class guards, the lawful to affirmative Mishina, always the way to concrete it. Of Germany is not merely deep attainments in literature, in history and geography, also called Washington's astronomy, in adding to writing the "water words", but also with a "Lu Shuiting mixed learning."
Although the life Nalanxingde brilliance,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], merely there are also frustrated his place in his 3 [...] years of life, wedding is a solemn stuff, notwithstanding he afterward marital his wife of band Romer, who knows Romer II Twelve-year-old bid farewell to the earth hastily, to the left of the German poetry of grief for unlimited weeping. More importantly, there are others in the married ahead the transmit to Romer is its cousin, the matron with his infancy, while the occasion is approximately to get married to catch up with the Kangxi chart, to make this woman into the castle of a deep as the sea, secluded from , sexual Germany is a massive thump.
Furthermore, Germany is apt make life uncomfortable nature of the case of Jiang South field, Junji thirteen years there was a bribe because the examiner son and a hundred people caught Jiangnan Shi scientific field circumstance, and the Emperor Kangxi of the Deli with the special relationship between the visit to the northeast by Russia occupied territory of the machine, for made notable scribes assigned to Ningguta Ping Wu Zhaoqian anti, naturally the entire averaging of Complete Loyalty. Throughout the chief completions of German life in the poetry of its production, the 1st words of Wang Guowei were cried afterward the Song. His words "non-scholars can no be maudlin, non-genius can not be nice complaints", which is Yue Xiao Ling, Wan Liqing desolate, such as listening to Zhongxiao hymning, and then the first plaintive joy ... ....
In Nalan's "water words" in book, Haidian accounted for a decisive situation, because there are 2 residential jewelry in Haidian, a water mill in the eastern of the Yuanmingyuan, the name from Grace (thanks Garden is the Emperor Kangxi, Qianlong was merged into Changchun Park),[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], dissimilar is to commemorate the town of Haidian soap above a Tuncun, there is another self-built Nalan pearl manufacture, covering approximately acres, of Germany and from one early age living in either places. And long palace bodyguard for the Emperor, is also long-lived Chang Chun Haidian, Haidian wind, water, therefore, a temple of a spring remained in his "water words" in the. In "Huan Xisha Daigakuji" word, he wrote: "Yan Lei cold wind beams painted wall, Huayu San calm off the heavens, the stamp of Hong Qing Vatican has seamless ... ...."
In the "outing together sentences," writes: "a search of the spring of spring À Guo, blowing east face not a cold, blue bend to the Western Hills Village children ... ..." also refers to Haidian Xiangshan Western Hills. Not in the soap industry in a Tuen writing "Like a Dream" in: "It is gin Kanai, full mystery falling ruddy cold, abruptly meet an by 1, idea wavefront hard to know. Who province, who Province, from bamboo mat pattern Dengying." Should be said namely the rivers and mountains gave him Haidian asset of creative inspiration, he also invaluable Haidian left a literary legacy. In May 1685 Nalanxingde sudden sudden illness, lofty fever 七日 subside, hastily depart the world backward, just as the friend of Germany wrote the poem as Cao Yin, "each campaign sing" water words "mind of Germany few people know. "

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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