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This article has extracted 50 annuals antecedent when the Ding Tomb of archaeologists excavated the real record. The excavation was skipper Zhaoqi Chang, vice captain Baiwan Yu, archaeologists Xia Nai, witnessed the doors that open Dingling thrilling moment. On Dingling to explore, from the starting of 1956. The Dingling stone door opened, the place in 1957. 1957 summer, perspiring. Dingling quiet park, deserving to various fables and Diamond Wall coupons door emerge, and covered with a membrane of terror, puzzle. Lamp, explore the underground palace staff is still analyzing the situation. With further debate and research, which gradually reveal layers of mystery
We were sitting next apt the barrack of the lantern, the next daytime to argue maneuvers and concrete steps to remove barriers, yet likewise the inner architecture of the underground palace and made a technological causing and analysis. But some operators still some fidgeting, they are still plagued at rumors of recondite. Bai Wanyu penetrate their state of idea, put a decanter of Laobaigan, emigrant workers came to the room, let us nectar. He sat in the medium of the crowd, drank a toast. Wang influenced fleeing out of patience and asked: "This is how one underground palace doors open decree?" "You have a few people enrolled the ladder to the top of the gate walls of King Kong, which I'm moving bricks, which you ambition be moving bricks, take down the reg code number by situation." Bai Wanyu just favor a robust compel of the general directive of tolerance . Bai Wanyu old male looked by them one ventilation of traction namely could not help but laugh: "You are afraid of the wall backward a invisible arms," he see into everyone's face repeatedly, excavate, said: "Who actors the premier brick in the first it? "
Baiwan Yu's ejection, everyone's center is more nervous. If King Kong is truly behind the wall illegal channels apparatuses, wrong fortune is of the first people to take bricks. None of them have gallantry to take the risk of nerve, had looked at each other, silent. Baiwan Yu smiled slightly: "Well, I wrote a few lots, who caught a word of note, whoever the first one up." No choice, since no one attempted to take the hazard, and merely by luck the. Do not trust each heart there is the word of note happens this fall to their hands. At the same period, each human and are anxious about just fell on his hands. Bai Wanyu lot to do, hands folded, shaking a few, scattered on the chart. Eyes wide open looking at the number of migrant workers in the pellet of periodical on the table,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], as the face will be Baoxiang period bombard. Was quiet, for if the blood could hear the sound of rushing and heart jerks. Inspired looked Baiwan Yu Wang,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the retired are to be [...]-hand tangle, pleased eyes, staring at himself a mini smile. His pate suddenly startled, a bite, a big step forward, caught the first ball of paper.
No 1 will cry, always eyes focus together to the potentate inspired him. Liu Jing Yi Wang creative to begin running over to see the memorandum, read aloud: "Be thoughtful puncture in the back!" Other relief personnel, laughter. King was inspired by his face red and silent. Bai Wanyu old man got up and came over and patted the shoulders of the king inspired, half-joking while he said: "What are you act morrow, ready to destroy it hidden weapon." That night, King inspired almost no nap the caustic location forced him to take corresponding fathom. He repeatedly thinking about the future lesson of action. Pry open a turn of bricks, a surge of black mist spray out, someone shouted: "Beware of gas!" May 19, 1957 dusk, accompanied by migrant workers just down the sun, to browse the site. Task Force members have already entirely armed, down to the ditches, will be King Kong ladder to grab the wall, waiting as the archaeological history of the arrival of the large moments. "Is anything ready?" Zhao Qichang ascend the ladder, and rotated to look behind the crowd. Photography, photographs, drawings, records, measurement, number, and other comrades in dictate of the go, all armed with tools, full of energy for mandates and infantry set off on the eve of a scene of excitement and calm.
Xia Nai came from the city, he arrived on the scene inquired Zhaoqi Chang: "Figure measured by the course?" Xianzi Qiang, Cao Kam gave him the chart, he nodded: "Very agreeable, colossal scale plans, you can. Fix Tools how? "pointing to the side of the big carton Baiwan Yu said:" All moved out, all complete. "Xia Nai thought, asked:" Do not attempt to light? "Zhao Qichang instantly signaled cinematographer Shen Jie turn on the lights. Assistant cameraman shaking the call immediately, Po appearance the metropolis turn up three power cars thundered, according to the wall as the day was the same King. Light, the angle just right. This hands Xia Nai, said: "Well, to start." No one note, Zhao Qichang the top of the ladder had been squatting. See Xia Nai nodded speaker, he wielded a special shovel, Alignment, "Gui" shape at the top of the first piece of bricks Zhuanfeng,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], gently pry up. Wang inspired thump thump up the ladder, one clutching a shovel Zhaoqi Chang: "Come on, we two together pry."
All goes according to plan, to keep turning the camera Shua Shua, membranes began to record this unforgettable moment. Because there is no mortar from between bonding, Zhao Qichang effortlessly bricks of 48 kg weight lever open a corner. He hung on the ladder side of the shovel, 2 hands, slow twitch out side brick, Wang inspiration and trenches in the crowd prop their respiration and waited. Zhao Qichang ramped up its air force, a pull out suddenly, all the generous Chengzhuan eventually taken out from the wall. Xia Nai in the trench shouted: "Beware of gas!"

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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