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Beijing Private Tour

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Scored eight-time Beijing, Summer Palace, the Empress Dowager want to take away the gold and silver jewelry, because time is too urgent, not had time to obtain an ordinary mule train, escaped from Beijing. The car is Wuxiang Guan. It rotated out that day, the Empress Dowager to run, but no car. Second, is the coachman eunuch Cui Yugui know Wushou Feng La Jiao, and let the car arrived he turned tile Summer Palace, he also brought a blue fabric wear, so that the Empress Dowager and put a shuffle along the metropolis she has only to sit on the magistrate's car.
Along the access, for the coarse roads, bumps Britain dart, the Empress Dowager sitting on the mule practice, shook backache, leg ache, "ouch OMG" to directly call out. Wu Xiangguan inspiration, trying to please the Empress Dowager, and kneeled down lying in the car, said: "Lafayette, the road was coarse and the people of Great Britain had low back pain. You wronged it! Please take a moment 'the flesh off the bench' it ! "Empress Dowager Wu Xiangguan sit back, and soft live snug, that the throne than the Kowloon Renshou Dian also comfortable! She was on the Wu Xiangguan said: "The escort out of Beijing, you're a stand for a large service! Will definitely be rewarded!" Later, eight-withdrawal, the Empress Dowager and from Xi'an to Beijing. Wu Shoufeng her reward in the surround when the distinction among Ontario, feeding a couple of elephants in Myanmar. Royal amazing impetus as the house, shed-style roof from the ridge, tall and massive; as bright and spacious chamber, chilly; chamber has a flood pond, the elephant can beverage, bathe; jade ruddy carpet outside the railings , and placed a preside, watching the elephant is for use when the Empress Dowager. Wu Xiangguan like Myanmar which fed, very frank, loving mama, as special people with a long nostril spray water; would only male elephants, ivory, not coincidentally broke another, placing children. At this time, the Empress Dowager pass down the decree: to three days after the ring to Ontario to see the elephant.
This can be very impatient Wu Xiangguan! Water spray as the mother who, whether the Buddha was covered with a water jet, which was the Qijunzhizui it! Wu Xiangguan listened people say that elephants terrified of mice, if the room in the excavate several small holes in the floor like, into the rats will scare the female elephant, not water was. However, the public would only like broken teeth, how to do it? Thought to want to work, he came up with one idea: go to Tsing Lung Bridge jewelry floor, chipped a half a foot wide circle of gold, hoop broken teeth in the Okanagan, and put the ivory connected to it! He also pieced a silver circle, set in the Okanagan good ivory, with just became a pair. After three days, the Empress Dowager to the room to watch as the elephant. She stood on the red carpet,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the smell of sandalwood smell bring an end to ...the room, show that there is not smell. Female elephant bird, slam their feet act the "rat hole", not bold to push house children, contented, and no long nose spray. Look at the bird male elephants, the long ivory, dressing a pair of gold and silver circle. Empress Dowager Wu Xiangguan Q: What does this mean? Wu Xiangguan knew, loved listening to the Golden Empress Dowager Rights silver matter, Fuk ah ah life, and put the set of pre-prepared side up,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], saying: "gold teeth left and right teeth with silver inlay. Empress longevity immeasurable, and the earth four o'clock all spring. "Empress Dowager heard forehead rejoiced. She Shanggei Wu Xiangguan fifty-two money to return to Summer Palace.
Later, it would merely break the teeth of the die elephants in Myanmar, the Secretary of the Empress Dowager at the funeral etiquette for it, the system has a fir coffin, Tingling 9 days, each daytime priests, hymning priests to burn periodical, buried a three-time Twelve bar apt carried away to the National People's Congress, fair buried in the side of the trunk Yuquan Zaigou the Shanxi. Summer Palace, the Empress Dowager explicit streets in his later annuals, his best pleasures in life conflict. Pu Xue fasting in the "Late wisdom Suo Ji" article, approximately the Empress Dowager in the alive conditions of the daytime among the Summer Palace. Get up every day decided by the Empress Dowager (castle phoned "Please steer"), get up up period for the toilet, then for the meager throughout the eunuchs, etc., always serve the Queen Mother grooming. After grooming, indoor eunuch chanting "fight curtain", devoted to opening curtain of the "Dianshang eunuch" has questioned the shutter opens.
Then Hu and additional legislation kneeling eunuchs waiting hall and the tribunal in full, when shouting "forefathers auspicious" It's truly pre-loaded, takes much of the sonic booms roof tiles. Empress Dowager out of the outhouse, the 1st Piyue reported to the monuments throughout the nation, perusing is to discern Chen Chuan Ren Shoudian employees, was called the "see from", too known as "call military." Received afterward the return to Le Shoutang dwelling "Biography meal" (eating), eat after the usual to "eat into the fruit," that namely to dine fresh and dried fruits, snacks and the like. As usual, after eating fresh fruit once a Le Shoutang wade, often walk aboard the promenade by the Court ladies, eunuchs, and so circled by ladies to emulate, for the Queen Mother at anybody time after voyaging Xiaojiao, etc. are too accompanied. After the walk back to the palace break a sleep, after waking up sometimes to hear to Li museum painting pastime. At this time, the "ideal exhibit" (palace Artists Village) Satisfy the folk down aboard their knees and additional pigments serve the tray, attention. Another female talent Miaojia Hui in Yunnan afterward "arrows."
Sometimes do not paint, so the hospital doctors ordered to come here, yet not for the doctor, but call them to kneel on the layer reading 4 paperbacks - such as "The Analects" and the like, the Empress Dowager in listening. When there is a elated life of "we own family of children called" (then call the language of the palace eunuchs troupe), so the eunuchs began to "bang child row", that does not upload a cappella. As usual, there are "internal court worship" (that was renowned performers such as Tan Xinpei, Wang Xian Leng, Yang Xiaolou, 7 large Li,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Norman Chan, Gong Yunfu, thirteen Dan, Wang Yaoqing, Wang Fengqing, Zhu Suyun, Qian Jin-fu, Wang Changlin ... ... have often called the palace for the poor) by far guidance.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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