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great wall tour

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Zhang cast: In addition to their units to create a good evolution opportunities, I meditation, is the charm of orthodox Chinese culture fascinated by them. In a mall economic, the Forbidden City's young people are dealing with personal interests and the relationship between the motherland's culture. You asked this question, I think, in the Palace of such a rich cultural heritage of the place, in such a serious cultural front, the only meter of economic merit is not comprehensive. If from the market point of view, the Forbidden City is unable to retain people, but these young comrades they visit the Forbidden City, the atmosphere will be captivated. Then, as their accumulation of perception, increased awareness of the motherland's culture, gradually, to form a "National Palace Museum Complex", to the Forbidden City, they are more loath to depart. This sensibility is in the business world, is not effortless to produce in the auction.
Zhu Zhang: Yes, reform and opening up there, very few of them out after the sprint the corporation. In recent years, especially engaged in the business, not because the question of income left. University graduates each year, the History Department, Department of Archaeology, the repository system, and also bring an end to ... the Forbidden City rigorous examination, appraisal to come in; come in the threshold also increased: in the elapse received undergraduate and now graduate to graduate manifold conditions are met, and to chance the National Palace Museum's normal staff. In appending, according to the central morale of reform ashore the public institutions: we broke the "iron rice bowl" "steel rice bowl" of a delivery system so taken do the go, bear anyone duty, to enjoy what handling. This is more profitable to full play and organize the passion of all categories of workers, but also more conducive to maintaining some of the best people. After this correction, the manipulation significantly additional the earnings gap has widened, young people and more peace of mind.
"Chinese Youth": there namely championship everywhere. National Palace Museum such a special unit of the competitive commerce folk how to start it? Photo of the cast: There is a mentioning phoned "peer is the antagonist." Yes, there are too competing in the Forbidden City, although, are different is that: We are in a good air apt contest. Some old man from there, apt be able to look this nice tradition: by the time the juvenile man to them as advice, not matter which vocational, they are responsive, and persuasive form "passing"; peers, with professional, yet also the normal commute; views incongruous, and can fully express their fancies, who does no exist who inhibit the phenomenon. Objectively, we have built a good atmosphere for such conditions. Palace of the affair a very careful, some professional, only one or 2 people, more of the five people. For example, have expertise in drawing and penmanship, porcelain, copper, jade have expertise, a devoted learn of religion, and have expertise in snuff flasks, and have expertise in furniture, and have expertise in the Ming Dynasty costumes with them ... ... to exchange experiences, to common behalf of providing message. Therefore, there is no kind of "gang" and check each additional, no that variety of war for learned point of outlook contradictory stresses. How can youth people do no adore the Forbidden City,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], do not love it to the stage to play it their own
Imperial Palace Museum in Beijing among the very front of the auditorium, there is an about each visit to the Forbidden City where guests ambition be to - Nine Dragon Wall. There are three of the existing Nine Dragon Wall, the Forbidden City Nine Dragon Wall, the North Sea and the Nine Dragon Wall in Shanxi Datong Nine Dragon Wall. Palace of the Nine Dragon Wall, is one of the most smart one, called a model of urban sculpture in antique China. Nine Dragon Wall built in the Qianlong Imperial Palace 38 years, is a width of 20.40 meters, 3.50 meters high lofty glass screen walls. Nine Dragon Wall in the front were launched from the 270 stop of plastic cup mosaic, shade wall decorated with nine dragons, each scene orb; background of rocks, gas, and water.
Nine Dragon Wall Kowloon upon, there is the dragon fashion or Dragon, Dragon of the points, each dragon are tossed with ease, look different. To highlight the image of the dragon, the craftsmen to create scald relief technology, rich three-dimensional; and using bright yellow,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], blue, white, purple and other colors; Nine Dragon Wall Sculpture makes a very fine, very gorgeous colors. Experts believe that the cause the National Palace Nine Dragon Wall looks vivid, because the craftsmen in the arrangement of color when using color wage rule, is very impressive. Nine Dragon Wall devise and elaboration explicitly or implicitly bears the symbol of regal power and the adore of the Ninth Emperor of the number. Because the number nine is the maximum affirmative number,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], five is the number of positive numbers and the hub, so the number of Ninth became the dictator of royal power and the respect of the representatives. Nine Dragon Wall in the chief have nine dragons, Dianding veranda with five ridges, of which there are nine on the main ridge line swimming dragon; brackets among the pads with Wujiu forty-five dragon arc embark; the wall with the plastic block 270 is a multiple of Ninth.
Many tourists have visited the Forbidden City may not know, this nine-dragon screen wall on the Nine Dragon Wall, White Dragon The third one from the eastern is wood carving the paunch after molding hooked up, in which there is a gripping article. Why is this dragon abdomen wood, now can not be verified by. Legend of firing this year in the Nine Dragon Wall, because of very high technological requirements, firing is exceedingly difficult, the refusal rate is very high. Artisans deliberately, put the Bailong Long navel burned out, but it was not enough time to have been burned once, visibly, everyone's deadly disaster is coming. There was a master woodworker guilty Qijunzhizui braving the peril, the same night long chip of wood sculptured into the abdomen, nails make up, white paint on the brush so that the original White Dragon abdomen with the same color, and finally hidden from the officials came to check and make craftsmen remove a catastrophe.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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