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beijing excursion package

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Many of the temple monument, removed before the main building has 2 arched monument monument but also have four, including two for the stone monument by, and took out million monument, as dragons, rectangular Shuanglongxizhu seat, but the inscription is illegible, illegible. More clear that the Qianlong three years (1778) the fact that German priest Wu monument.
Monastery to the Republic, incense worsened, the morn of liberation,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], surviving here in counting to the cardinal house, the West has chance a school and playground hospital, and afterward most of the erections were removed, and now, only the gate was still there, yet has been replaced by housing, the other house Yu removal of a great creating from the inside and St. Lane 44, too watch portion of the apportioned units and the German monk-line real monument Division. In the Hutong, Dongcheng intersection Southeast Hospital No. 15, there is a brick arches, namely quite beauteous. Liu Qing here was originally a general Zhaizi, Empress Dowager Cixi friendship with this person reportedly quite thick and full of riches, so the house is quite colossal, in adding to northbound building, there are a north-south narrow of small curtate their attribute, the early Republican,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Liu death, his home and it has ruined, the real possession partition marketing.
The original gate house has been demolished after the existing door is opened, the hospital is the aboriginal brick decorated second door opposite the arc. The door for the arc, more than 4 meters tall, 2 meters broad and more than from the King are brick walls, sculptured flowers and birds, have overturned the altitude railing,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], railing carved with pine, bamboo and plum Three Friends of Winter, arches Po carved on both sides of how outside the Court, Court carves a dark Eight Immortals and other patterns. Brick arches on the precise layout, bump properly, the work of the fine blade of the pith, it is infrequent. Republic of China with its left and right sides of the arch-type arch plans bungalow building, with near coordination, within a courtyard off the arch, the back there is a hospital, but due to housing disrepair, become broken. The arch was promulgated in 1986 as a cultural relics protection units, Dongcheng District.
Jianguomen Avenue northbound in the East, now Gongyuan between East and West Gongyuan. The examination room because the Ming and Qing dynasties. Thirteen years ahead the Ming Yongle, facing south, the hospital has a high fence approximately. Five door Ying, hanging three Mubian, for "opening daytime Man Wan", the East as "apparently been confessed as" the West for "Careers for the nation." Gong Yuan called the gantry door - Yu 鲤鱼跳龙门 proposed. Central axis of the main building has five Quebec Temple, Mingyuan Building, front of the building has a guhuai. Legend and txt for transmission narrated, it said, "Wen Huai." To the courtroom later Mingyuan Building, among the gantry, Jukui Court, Jukui Court for the examiner place to live. Finally the examiner will be signal the eighth by the Church and the apartment. Both sides of dozens of things row of low houses, a total of more than 9000. This is the checkup halls, also called the number homes. Test ground laboratory overlooking the square there. Provisions of the Ming and Qing dynasties, this will be every three years to attempt anew, will try a absolute of three test, every test daytime, a total of 9 test. Examination, the nominees by the search into the examination chamber, the examination lobbies locked, nine days, the candidates to dine, to live all in the test barn. Each one examination lobbies, a kettle of charcoal and a candle, the viewer is no aware, it will fire. Ming Tianshun years, a test shed fire, scalded to death inside locked in more than 90 candidates. Guangxu stop examinations, Gongyuan gradually consume. To the Republic of China, due to financial constraints, the government-owned production here, and gradually sold, here and Serve ruins, Gongyuan survive only as labels. Now, in the ruins has built a Gongyuan Academy of Social Sciences building.
Dongcheng District, Beijing Ancient Observatory Jianguomen overpass in southwest side, is the centre of the Ming and Qing dynasties astronomical observations, has 540 years of history. Ming Dynasty in Beijing is not only the Hong Kong Observatory. Song Jin attack system devised Taishi Bureau, Li Hou Taiwan. Jin Taizong in the day will be five years (1172) to the Song Dynasty in Kaifeng (Henan Kaifeng) set to move in all the important astronomical instruments (now Beijing), the Taishi Bureau built a weather station, Sadamoto years (1154 years) of these devices placed in the waiting stage. Address air station approximate the White Cloud Temple in this western city. Yuan Dynasty, Jin Dynasty still accustomed the antique system of astronomy. Sixteen years to the Yuan Khan (1279) by Wang Xun, Guo Shou Jing, who created a newer astronomical instruments, and built a new Secretary roof, its position in this Jianguomen, Dongcheng District, approximate the northwest side of the Academy of Social Sciences. Astronomy in Ancient China during this period as a glorious period. Secretary of warfare devastated roof.
Early Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yuan Dynasty capital in Nanjing, the residues of the roof unit Division moved most of the Nanjing Astronomical Instruments of the Observatory above the mountain rooster. Yongle Emperor Zhu Di moved the capital to Beijing, these astronomical instruments do not move back to Beijing. Two years of Yongle (1424) built in the west of the Forbidden City Lingtai, the palace observatory, but there is not large-scale astronomical instrument. Ming Zhengtong year (1437), Astronomical and supervisors are sent to Nanjing Huangpu Chung Yuan device in consensus with a wood-type duplicate boated back to Beijing. Orthodox 4 years - 7 years (1439-1442), the type of lumber made by the armillary sphere, cylinder device, instrument and other large celestial globe brass elephant astronomical instruments, and placed in the fashionable astronomical reconnaissance, this is Ancient Observatory, the predecessor of Jianguomen. Observatory is a high-profile brick building with a courtyard built west of the audience, as Ziwei Hall, leak Garden. Orthodox 11 years (1446) are building a sundial Shadows, the basic manner of today's layout.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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