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Online for parents of missing son 5 years old birt

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 PostPosted: Wed 17:50, 25 May 2011    Post subject: Online for parents of missing son 5 years old birt Back to top

Small photo of Grandeur with his family. This cozy scene, what day can reproduce?
small Grandeur. Photo by family members

■ Express reporter Zhang Wei

a recent broadcast on public to find a sub-site 5-year-old missing son of parents of online birthday party held to pray for peace in the video kids broadcast and posted on the site the child information, almost all the well-known domestic online forums and chat groups are spreading to each other on the tracing of Huizhou children Lijun Hong notice.
Yesterday, the reporter linked to a small Grandeur of the parents, who said that half the children failed to find the family hard, hoping to get back with the power of the media thoughts all the children and promised to help children 10 million people home safely remuneration.
searched five months still no progress

New clothes? you will have birthday cake to eat?
March 20 this year,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], is a small Grandeur 5-year-old's birthday, this is a man of the moment of birthday celebrations, a small living Grandeur do not know where. Since last October 9 after a small Grandeur abducted at home so far heard from, the parents of small Grandeur CHAN Fung Li Guang Shan and his wife are still running around for the missing children nothing. This frantic desperation, the couple decided to live online via video between the lack of hero to his son had a birthday party, to pray for the child safe. The move touched many users, between the date of the webcast will have more than 200 volunteers willing to help. Li Guang Shan told reporters, in order to find the child, he produced tens of thousands of copies of missing children notices, hire someone close to the Zengcheng,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Dongguan and Shantou to post and distribute, even to the distant provinces of Fujian and Shandong.
Last November, Li Guang Shan is went to Hangzhou, the Zhejiang Satellite TV is able to publish their own missing children notices. Every time the child heard the news, Li Guang Shan couple traveled to are confirmed, but always to no avail.
mother take things too hard a time to commit suicide

small Grandeur mother CHAN Fung said: told reporters that the missing child when the couple had just led dozens of people around the clock to find the whole 7 days 7 nights. She choked and said:
CHAN Fung said, because the missing child's grandfather grandson into the hospital several times. Now home to find his son has spent more than 10 million, it has become almost all of the properties. In order to find his son, the family decided to even the sold out everything at home will not give up.
police response

no significant progress in the limited clues

Li Guang Shan said, a matter of the police abducted his son has not yet placed on file.
them are suspected of committing the crime, the police also said there is no evidence that those who do, so there is no investigation proceed. He also provides many clues to the police, but were denied one by one.
reporters call the local police station. The official said the police station, filing is not currently the case because the conditions do not meet the filing. Through investigation, police found no reliable testimony confirmed that children are trafficked, it is not the criminal case. Public security organs have been in a lot of work to find the child. Restricted by the leads, the case there is no significant progress.
the scene to restore

chat space boy suddenly disappeared

introduced, according to Li Guang Shan, the Department of justice and the town of Huizhou Boluo people, after the move to Boluo Shiwan open studio, even though business is tepid, but a family of four (plus a daughter) is pretty enjoyable, but all this on October 9 last year was broken. 22:40 the same day, as usual Kandian CHAN Fung, the children can see in front of the store where his and the two girls (Grandeur in kindergarten partners) to play with.
disappeared as the children jump like that but not gone, I think bad, not anything about it.
sections of open studio where her husband often looting, so has surveillance video from the surveillance video across the computer to see the city,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], his son was missing a few minutes the door of a van in the studio paused, down three After less than a minute and the car drove away, but unfortunately that did not get the son, the son may be blocked by a car.
because across the street, surveillance video can not see that three of the looks and the van license plate number.
Li Guang Shan, said He was in a fever abducted children, now missing more than 5 months, they are worried. Mindful of this every time, the wife CHAN Fung could not help but cry. Li Guang Shan also said the news network after the issue of missing children in recent days that they often received a lot of strangers who call,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], they provide a lot of suspected small Grandeur of the information, but so far have not found useful information. There are also liars threatening phone call: 3 million to ransom his son, but told him to say a few words the child can not do, you know is a liar. Then the man still endlessly call harassment.
parents sounded urgent

do you have a birthday cake? sad, really want to sleep a day to sleep never to wake up p>
Date of birth: March 20, 2004

disappearance Height: 106 cm

Missing Time: October 9, 2008

Missing Location: Huizhou,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Guangdong Province, BOLUO Shiwan

Feature Description: round face, big eyes, long eyelashes, a little pointed chin, neck and has a small mole under the skin than white, will speak Cantonese and Mandarin, introverted, very quiet, was last seen wearing a red [...]-sleeved T-[...], dark blue sweat pants, printed with the Superman logo at pocket.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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