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Men's night attack his girlfriend refused to marry

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 PostPosted: Thu 18:11, 31 Mar 2011    Post subject: Men's night attack his girlfriend refused to marry Back to top

yesterday morning, two hospitals in Jingmen intensive care unit, the girl's father Caixue Hong Xiao Cai are still under observation and treatment, his head bandaged with gauze, right cheek prescribe about 8 cm long stab wound.
girlfriend jumped on the second floor to escape
Chenhei sneaked into girlfriend's house over the wall in the attack

yesterday at home in the Xu Hui mother for his son's behavior to regret it, .

Xiao Cai told reporters that night of the incident, she jumped from the second floor bathroom window for help. Fortunately, she was not injured. Villagers heard the cry for help that, they came, broke into the house,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], this time, father and son have been subdued Xu Caijiaying.

(Reporter Sun Ming correspondent Wang Qinghua) the evening of February 9, because many times my hand, Dongbao Au Lingzhen Jingmen City man killed his girlfriend's grandfather Xu knife, then chopped his girlfriend parents and younger brother, his girlfriend at the scene jumped on the second floor to escape. Family after the man was overpowered his girlfriend. Yesterday, reporters learn that murder suspect Xu has been under criminal detention.

According to Cai Xuehong introduction, February 9 at the Lantern Festival, in addition to 81-year-old father at home, the other person to Caixue Hong caijia brother home (about 300 meters away from the Tsai family) for dinner. At 8 pm, Caixue Hong wife, son, daughter and daughter and his party returned home 5. When Cai Xuehong open the light in the main room, noticed that the light is not bright. A dark shadow suddenly rushed over, Cai Xuehong dodge,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], was cut in the other. Shortly afterward, the shadows began toward others. Tsai family desperate resistance, a fight, it will subdue assailants, this time only to find the murderer was actually Xu.
It is understood,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Xu, a former district living in sub-Lingzhen Dongbao new Kiu, the mining,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], they had moved to Toho Au Lingzhen damiaocun. Xu's father, working in the mine, the mother of a supermarket in the city a cleaner Jingmen, Xu is not far away from home to work a business. Xu middle child, they have not graduated from junior high school drop-out at home, and later played out to completion until the past two years to find a job close to home. Xu introduced the mother and son did not provoke an early age what happened, but did not talk much, but I do not know why go down this road.

interview, Xiao Cai blurted out: One idea has changed. Much to her did not think that Xu would be under the ruthless hand of her family.
introduced, according to Cai Xuehong the end of 2007, was introduced to his daughter and the town has 30-year-old Xu damiaocun about friends. Later, for various reasons, Cai Xuehong do not agree with this marriage, but Xu has entanglement. February 4 this year to between 8, Xu repeatedly to Caijiaying, asked his daughter to marry him Caixue Hong, Cai Xuehong have been rejected. Xu did not think would do such a thing.
It is understood, Cai Xuehong When night to the hospital in critical condition, after hours of rescue out of danger. Cai Xuehong face, head, knives were cut 6. Caixue Hong's wife and son in the number of knife body, the wife of one ear was almost cut off. Until yesterday, out of danger of Caixue Hong learned that, last night before they go home, Xu burglary over the wall, has killed his father.

my hand several times after the crime


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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