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3 killed by thieves to steal the corpse after the

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 PostPosted: Sat 18:00, 09 Apr 2011    Post subject: 3 killed by thieves to steal the corpse after the Back to top

police carefully inspected the scene, police inspection group Description: Xiao Li, Department of the deceased was a knife pierced the neck, carotid artery rupture major blood loss led to death,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the dead hand against injury, fingernails There are human skin tissue. Police initially to determine: the killer forced open the roof, floor and entered the room, the victim in the burglary were found in the course of, for fear of things brought to light to kill the witness, the evidence for the destruction of the body to put on the bed fire to forge the fire scene. Time of death should be at 21 Sunday night, two or more persons committing the crime, the more likely an acquaintance of crime, suspects who may be injured.

At the same time, investigators also found that the Yin motorcycle repair shop owner and staff have performed exceptionally Yang Bing, Yin was the boss's neck, there is a nail scratches. Jizhen police boss by Yin, DNA identification, found that the blood sample and Xiaoli nail cracks the identification of human skin results. Yin police boss in the trial, he confessed truthfully collusion with Mr. Li Bing Yang murder crime that burglary.

female boss dead in the bedroom
Fengyi Town, Dali City Shunda
blood matching catch the murderers

reporter Zhao Chuan lights
killed people Xiaoli, aged 27 years old, before his death and her husband opened a car park Shunda monopoly car battery shop. The shop is next to a hotel and a repair shop, restaurant owner, surnamed Li, repair shop owner surnamed Yin, Yin Yang, the boss also named soldiers coolie.

parking lot near the three thieves, neighbors, a young woman for theft of property, partnership will be taken after the female owner cheated out of ballroom dancing. Just as they were when the burglary, unfortunately the female owner was caught half-way home, 3 thieves simply the brutal killing of women after the owner set fire to the corpse, followed by pretending to find the case to the police report. Recently,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the reporter learned from Dali City Public Security Bureau, after the incident,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], local police after five days and nights of careful reconnaissance, the ultimate success of the robbery murder solved.
investigation found that the restaurant owner Lee after the incident showed the killing of Xiao Li unexpected According to the survey found that Lee ran a small restaurant business owners bleak, December 21, 2008 evening, Mr. Li had to go out, but an unknown destination. The incident the next day, is active in the neighborhood of Li's reference to 25, police investigators formally summoned Mr. Li.

three suspects confessed: Compared with couples Xiaoli, Li Yin boss and owner of the business are in a downturn. Li Xiaoli, a boss gradually have stolen the idea. Soon, Mr. Li quietly on their own ideas will be the boss said Yin, the two immediately hit it off. December 21 last year, 18 am, Xiaoli Li invited to the hotel owner's wife to go out dancing. Mr. Li Xiao Li to go to a dance, and immediately decided to steal that night. After 21 o'clock that night, Li, Yin and Yang have slipped into the parking lot 3, Li,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Yin Xiao Li climbed to the roof of the two, with their feet chopped the roof of a simple floor, into the couple's bedroom Xiaoli , and then opened the door for Young soldiers to enter. While rummaging in the room when three men, the door opened, they found the door was Xiaoli. Li, Yin and Yang Xiaoli knife to kill the three partners, the fire burned his body, and performed the following day a
2008 年 12 月 22 日 16, Fengyi Town, Dali City Shunda south parking lot by the first rental of the house, gathered a lot of onlookers masses. Everyone is talking about, rent the room to sell the woman owner Xiaoli battery not seen figure out how the day. Guess, lying in bed on his back, legs to the head was covered by a thick layer of black ash, Xiaoli dead.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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 PostPosted: Mon 15:28, 04 Dec 2017    Post subject: Back to top

wszyscy członkowie świty stosowne kwatery.
Jednak stryjowi bardzo zależało, by brat Heinrich pojawił się, gdy tylko biskup będzie
gotów go przyjąć, a książę również chciał z nim porozmawiać jak najszybciej. Odnalazłszy
więc Heinricha, Telek zabrał go z powrotem do wielkiej sali, gdzie miał go przyjąć Siemowit
III. Tłum już się zbierał, a Telek zostawił sprowadzonego mnicha z trójką ludzi biskupa.
Wypełniwszy ten obowiązek, udał się odszukać stryja. Jednak to stryj pierwszy go
odnalazł, chwycił za rękę po wyjściu z sali i pociągnął do korytarza prowadzącego do kuchni.
- Stryju?
- Mam nadzieję, że twoja podróż przebiegła bez złych przygód... - powiedział Bolesław,
prowadząc Teleka w głąb korytarza, z dala od masy ludzi zbierających się na powitanie
- Owszem - potwierdził. - Ale czemu prowadzisz mnie do kuchni?
- Ponieważ, bratanku, skradanie się i przebiegłość nie są twoimi mocnymi stronami.
- Co mówisz? - Minęli sklepione drzwi prowadzące do kuchni, skąd dobiegały zapachy
palenisk, pieczonego mięsa i chleba, a tuzin służących i kuchcików pracował przy długich
stołach, szykując wielką ucztę na powitanie księcia.

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