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magnificent walls tour

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National Tsing Hua University professor who catered the house is free of charge. The spring of 1933, Tsinghua West Temple to live a duo, Gu Yuxiu, Zhou Peiyuan, Lei Haizong, Wu Xun, Yang Wu of (the father of Chen Ning Yang), nearly 50. Wen lived more than 46 "Marina quickly" is the Chinese architecture, a aggregate of 14 houses. To early 1935 and Wen, by Yu, Wu Xun,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Zhou Pei-Yuan, Chen Daisun so they pushed to remove Huaxin Nantong Institute Professor, which is 30 newly built Western-style brick houses, every one. Conditions are better, there are learn, bedroom, dining apartment, reception room, lavatory, cache room, telephone, hot water readily obtainable.
Yan Chong Man in Beijing Academy of Social Sciences Institute Fellow, President of the Society over Beijing, the Chinese Society of vice chancellor of the Forbidden City. Of several anthologies, and monographs. The "Nurhaci Biography" by Beijing and China,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], "Guangming Cup" conspicuous academic writing gift, the National Outstanding Achievement Award full study, "the antique chief of Beijing" by the Chinese Ministry of Culture Award for Best Book, Best Book of Frankfurt and Leipzig International Honor Award.
From the "Lecture Room" to "Chinese Civilization Lecture Hall", Yan Chong Qing for saying aboard the screen, suddenly became a celebrity. Although lead apt "fans" many, but also at some question: scholars do no devote themselves to scholarship and frequently photographed, namely not proper job? Recently, approximately the shade to say namely the history of hot, hot, and the historical screenplay Joking should no become a star and additional scholars of the heading, the news for Yan Chong behaved an preferential interview with - the folk are the inventors of history, a history course why do not speak almost the Emperor people? Why do not speak almost the Royal Culture Folk Culture? Q: television forum talk almost history, hot, TV drama on the history of the dictator, especially a lot of hot TV show to portray the throne industrious, loving the nice sovereign, and even the audience that television played in the feudal society nice. How to look your annotate?
Yan Chong: Indeed, the historical drama King Plays, history level, said more than the emperor. Some viewers have queried me why people do not speak about the emperor? Why do not speak about the Royal Culture Folk Culture? I meditation the royal culture should be remedied properly. Royal speaking culture, and will comprise the issues with the basic necessities of life. Clothing,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the emperor wore gowns, court dress, Jiangningzhizao Ye Hao, Suzhou Textile Ye Hao, nevertheless the emperor to dress in the body, but it is the best craftsmen weave out, and reflects our highest level of the citizen textile manufacture in the Qing Dynasty.
This level was the maximum in the world. Food, delicacies to eat the emperor, the nation made a tribute to good entities, afford the Royal, which focused on the diet at the time the essence of our country. To live the emperor lived in the Forbidden City inside, there is that 9 thousand nine hundred ninety-nine half, really do not know. Royal Architectural representatives: 1 is the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, 1 is, they reflect the best of Chinese culture and cultural mansions, garden mores. Besides the Emperor, tableware and paintings to see the emperor, are expensive ah. It can be said of the Chinese nation's nice cultural converge through the Royal Cultural reflected. Therefore, critique of royal culture blindly is not comprehensive, and it is not objective when it comes to emperors would criticize the "Cultural Revolution" utmost leftist legacy.
Of way, some vision of feudal society is preposterous, since the demise of the feudal society of people social progress, the unavoidable evolution. I think the facts should be colossal as a small historical drama fantastic. If you are real, it would become the emperor of the Record. But we now melodrama some of the Qing Dynasty, too much render some vulgar things, focus on some of the court in the married relationship and the incestuous relationship. These are not? Historically there, but the individual. For instance, some drama to the Kangxi and Sumalagu two attach to the history of this was not true. Sumalagu Kangxi grandmother's generation, mentor allows the 2 of them fall in love, and talk difficult combat, which is not loyal with historical fact.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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