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beijing daytime trips

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Cao Kun was a naval strongman, General, if he succeeds in conquering Unite Wu generals (naval governor of the Yangtze River) in advocate of his position from a military point of view will not demolish the jail. However, his lack of political aptitude, the lack of charismatic; not to say he was completely a bunch of "tall participation of evil men" surrounded. If you do not become a "bribery president", Cao Kun, if they would be left permanently in the modern history of the name? "Time" (October 22, 1923) vividly depicted the scene as the president Cao Kun: October 10, 7:45 am, Beijing, sunny, second annual of the establishment of the Republic of China (along to Chinese almanac), General Elect
President Cao Kun arrived in Beijing on the practice down the marshal. He boarded one open car, was decorated in the merry atmosphere of the street passing. Triumphal arc erected ahead bold style, selected from the infantry, from the train station has been mandated to the Office of the President. Reports reflect the assorted people shown by their different emotions. Or that they cheered, or that did not hear the cheers, the only demonstrable absence of passion of the East is a course of curiosity. Just arrived in the Presidential Palace, President-elect is the Lord into the painting chamber, the chief government officials have gathered in the waiting. Cao to marshal them read a terse inaugural address, three bows, retreat.
Cao to eventually chance president. But then incurred a crusade sound. Southern Sun Yat-sen, North Chang Tso-lin, have power opposition it. It, divided country under the status quo, the so-called high-sounding presidential, but the south face of the general pediatric game chief worthwhile of the appoint merely. Cao Kun is accessible because this narcissism and mar! He ever expected, a rank he will only take a year of being caged, and "bribery" in the name has spread to far. Ridiculous and pitiful coastal bases, resided above for a historical joke, often creature yarn; constitutional experiment, premier became very distant, not well known. Some have intent early Republic pursued the constitutional test of pioneers,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], leaves blowing in the wind of history has vanished without a trace.
She deeded in a diversity of mothers. Although the award has not opportunity with the film, her performance has been a crowd of the audience. Shaping her artistic career in the only villain is the only disinclined to play her character, but was a large success. She has starred in extra than a hundred films, but without exception, always the "supporting role." She said: "Good to have green leaves with flowers, green leaves is not cozy to do ... ..." I bite the bullet and, with that and my age, nearly as huge as I keep hurrahing "mother" and "son" together for the first time played a mother. For his decades on the silver screen has not the antique "good mother" image, Ling Yuan said with a smile: In the movie, I not was young. May be the image of my mother to play for, so I'm 20 years age when the first movie, the mentor let me play the mother. But by that time also young, and my center special tangle. No way, the adviser to have my face drew with a lot of black color, a block, very hideous. Coupled with my age there is a "son" in the next, the savor is really having a hard heart. He equitable calls out "Mom", I now smell of urine, his face a fever. I remember this time out noisy by the side of the teacher said to me: you play a temperament, not yourself. Do not absence to be a star actor to do. I thought, let the audience penetrate my show, I do not watch this person. So I bite the bullet and, with that and my age, almost as huge as I keep hurrahing "mother" and "son" with the first play of the mother.
Since then, Ling Yuan of the shade picture has not been left apt the "good mom." She forever remember the words of the preceptor said to her: "inspired folk, not the discourse itself." Also understand how to let the spectators "than confess that they acknowledge the melodrama better." Since 1951, entered the Beijing Film Studio, the 30-year-old Ling Yuan began a "good mommy" image of the masterpiece shade debut in the video until the age of 89. Li Xiangyang, the performers play and Ling Yuan Guo Zhenqing been getting onward quite well, regardless of what time treatment Ling Yuan cried "Mother." Li Xiangyang, 38, plays the mother recalls his mother's history plays, Ling Yuan mothers feel namely they really appreciate the love child of aesthetic representations in the film "Plain guerrillas" in the mother show,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], for when a mother myself.
1955,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], 38-year-old Ling Yuan in the long eclipse the noted movie "Plain guerrillas" Li Xiangyang, played the protagonist's mother. Ling Yuan for the first time this is not to play mother, but it is her first speech afterward his mother the mother. The plot of the film was long Li Xiangyang, the guerrillas back from the outside medium of the night, has been the mother of his son does not miss such as "You're behind," favor the talk, but from the eyes to show real emotional cares, Ling Yuan to a mother the maximum genuine emotions of the child, from the heart with a couple of eyes expressed. The true sensibilities of the input, so that she almost forgot that this is acting. Decades later, Ling Yuan Li Xiangyang, still can not forget that a mother affectionate performances.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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