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beijing excursion package

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Jiaqing eleven years (1806), Edict, and immediately about Tooker charts Zhangjia call ambition Lehan and sea was still Shanggei Xiangshan Temple, Mount Wutai Temple of Pollock and additional living families. All seals and Golden Summit National Division yellow car, yellow abrasive, Kowloon, other items of yellow bed sitting, hoping the temple with the anthem properly because the storeroom, calls will Lehan studying along volume, to preserve the Yellow Sect, and then give Garth. Temple, immediately of Laws have been removed, Song Zhu Temple, Temple of Chi Chu also save most of the cardinal building namely not opened, I have removed most of the site are three temple Dongfeng television plant. In 1984 the Department announced as Beijing cultural relics conservation elements.
There are two,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], are in Dongcheng District. A degree at the Dong Hua Men Avenue airing South Price temple place, a Ministry of Foreign Affairs Street. The sometime is the beginning of Prince Jin Rui Feng's home after Beijing, which is the reign of Emperor Qianlong, Prince Rui Spyker resumed after the new government. Rui Qing Prince Regent of the Duoergun is Nuerhachi fourteenth child, the younger sibling of the Qing Taizong Huangtaiji. As early as the first year of Taizong Zonta (1638) have been closed Rui Jin Prince, the early Qing Wang founding 1 of the eight steel hat. After the passage of the father Emperor Shunzhi morsel extra has been called the Prince Regent, controlling the overall happenings of state. Entry into the commerce, Dingding Beijing, Dorgon its power, chose the palace to the east of the small South City for the Ming Palace. Little Wing-lok, said Nan Tung Court, What the first to be unlocked afterward Yingzong behind home in the South said, also understood as Palace, is a team of royal palaces, as a palace, both the palace of the real, neither the appoint of the palace is Other founding potentates of the house can not match. Jiugong site that is within the South Donghuamen Avenue south of the existing Temple of Purdue (Mt Karma Lama Temple) when the northern portion of its site.
Duoergun within the Palace, according to the South, did not last long, he Junji 7 years (1650) died. Emperor Shunzhi Chikamasa, the result of the injure sustained Regent, on Dorgon detested, in Shunzhi eight years (1651) of the offense Duoergun, revitalization heading, dismiss the regal tribe. Heir son Prince Yu was originally Duoergun ordered to belong to the cases. Also abolished by this period when the palace. Duo Erbo Junji fourteen years later naturalization cases (1657) sealed Baylor, when adults in the stone narrow (now the Department of State Street) to establish Baylor House. Because of "Qianlong full map" Shangshih adults have Fuguo Gong narrow for the 1st song, such as the Song for the Duo Erbo five generation progeny of eleven years of Qianlong (1746) hit Fuguo Gong, the government is the government continues down. Looked for three years of Qianlong (1778) to reinstate the Founding Fathers Prince Rui caption, still owned by descendants were the Duo Erbo heir bombard, this period as the late Song, by the elegance whether the passage of Song Rui baby Well Soon Prince, and bestowed such as the Song for the Core Duo Erbo over until the Prince. The site west of the middle term of the present Ministry of Foreign Affairs Street northbound.
The passage of the last generation were Kui Wang Bin, Guangxu year (1876) hit Prince Rui, a former government the right people were creature surveyed, the Republic of China 4 years (1975) died, the Central Civil, in the Ming household business, because rest on its laurels, take a large, and eventually sell the palace. More than 500 rooms among the elemental palace has been demolished, most of the only maintained segment of tile wall, missing two lions, the hospital can still acknowledge the original found residence of the house. Secondary school site is now. Pond in North Street, Dongcheng District, 46. Commonly known as the Cloud Temple. Qing Emperor Yongzheng eight years (1730) Chi Jian, Yi Si Yun God. According to "Kusakabe age news" set: coagulation and the Zhao Temple and North Long Street was Temple (adore Raytheon) are established by decision Yongzheng seven years. By Dragon (rain temple) Wind Bo (Wind Temple) The temple has been, merely bomb division, division is still lacking special Temple Cloud, Naiming fake of the temple ought be regulated Palace Xuanren temple. Emperor Yongzheng problem with "Xing Ze Zhao Cai" sum.
Street,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], eastern west gate sitting, house are facing south. Four-story structure with peal fortress and the main lobby. Is in front of the cup brick screen wall, overlying glazed tile roof, built in stone Xu Mizuo on. Three main entry, Miankuo 16.8 meters, 6.6 meters depth, Xie Shanding migrate massive ridges, yellow glazed green neat, unattached Aung three foot brackets, Revolving drawing, Toru Shangming made, five beams, brackets within the canopy is a single Alice . Zhong Yan Xie Shanding for the alarm tower, on the canopy leaves for a bucket b Cimicifuga head, under the canopy as a single three-foot brackets Aung, Revolving painting, Huangwa green trim, flat square, side width of 4.6 meters. Front Hall three, Miankuo 10.9 meters, 6 meters deep into the hard ridge of mountains convey large, dark glazed green neat,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], single Aung three foot brackets, Revolving painting. Three main lobby, Xie Shan transfer large ridge, Huangwa green trim, Shigetaka five foot brackets, and Yuxi painting, wiping six square glass doors and windows, dragon wellhead ceilings, broad 14.4 meters, 11.8 meters depth. Rear five, Miankuo 18.4 meters, 8.5 meters depth, Xie Shan transfer large ridges, yellow glazed green trim, single-Ang brackets, 6 wiping the glass doors and windows carton. Alice within the canopy as a single three-foot brackets, wellhead smallpox. In the rear side, things have three bloom house, hard mound hoop first polio Tongwa, Miankuo 10 meters, 6.4 meters depth. The temple has been made in the Republic of China, the school. According to 1985 survey, the primary pond for the North, shade walls, bell tower has been removed, the main hall and the rear still. The temple was announced for the 1984 Beijing cultural relics protection units.
47 Broad Street in Lower East Side. Senggelinqin (? - 1865), named Bor Birgit's economy, after the Mongolian Horqin Left Banners. Jun Wang Suo Tena Horqin Zha Sake is more than lumber napkin fast heir. Daoguang five years (1825) hit Horqin Jun Wang Jue. Imperial Minister acknowledged in 1834, led the Minister of guards, all systems, Xianfeng three years (1853) the Qing government ordered him to Prince Hui Min Yu Cenzantaichen for large common warranty rates in association with Imperial Commissioner cavalry attempts to discourage the victory of the Taiping Northern Expeditionary Army. 1855, deserving to crush the Taiping lively in Shandong Jin named by Prince.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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