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large walls tour

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And immediately still have something of a wind-room hall. The demolition of chapter of the great erection, secondhand as a unit. Tiananmen Square in Dongcheng East Avenue 1. This is a three Chinese and Western-style buildings, surrounded by wall of green glazed tile dome gray bricks. Transfer great door because the hard ridge of mountains, green glazed tiles above the cover with kisses the animal, the beast down, and small mammals. Ride west to east gate. The navel three main structure, square Cuanjian Ding, either sides of the fable the second ground, the veranda Dianding form of coverage aboard either glazed.
Main Miankuo 17, about 50 meters broad. This was originally the noted Peking Opera actor Mei Lanfang 30 years to purchase a chip of land ready to build Opera House, but no construction, the Sino-Japanese War broke out, the district occupation of the Japanese invaders, in this high-level visitor house built in Japan. After Japan surrendered, the district to regain, do the KMT's inspirational social hostel. Inspirational community along Chiang Kai-shek's direct control, along Zhang Daofan, Huangren Lin as adviser of one organization,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], chance a guest house in Peking once the U.S. military logistics. Its headquarters in Nanjing, yet in major cities such as Chongqing, has branches in Peking and additional places. After 1946 became Executive Headquarters staff addresses, Communist parties are naval personnel alive in here. Daxing County, a,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], from the days of Germany five years in the Jin Dynasty (1153). Most of money and capital in the Yuan, the change is mostly gold Daxing Road, Explorer House House. Ming Dynasty capital of Nanjing, the factor of maximum of the government to Peking House Road tube.
Yongle reign (1403), to Peking to Beijing and the Peking government to Shuntian, below the jurisdiction of Daxing County and Wanping County (Qing consequent), 2 counties in Beijing's central axis as the border, Daxing east, west Wanping. Chung Hing Square, the Education Department among the shire, among the term of the present Hutong, Dongcheng Daxing County Public Security Bureau hospital. According to records: the Department faces south, the central axis of the chief creating to the door, device doors,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], lobby, two, the Department has a absolute of 6 yards. There namely likewise the jail door and land Temple, in increase to the history of Deputy Administrative and Code Department. Daxing County has three Inspection Division, respectively, in mining teaching, with government bureaus Rhenish and Huangcun. Department of Daxing County, covering almost 4,000 square meters, the native Longqing four years (1570) established the "Daxing County title in mind," the monument, as Yin Xin Guanglu Shaoqing school the book.
Across the road south of the county Department (now 1Cool has a Temple. A gate of the temple, nigh the house and the southeast side hall. Gate three, for the large-type hard-Hill co-tile roof, Soviet-style painting. Three main hall for the big hoop-style head hard mountain ridge tiles, the two Cheng, volume Goulian ride. Apse for the hard-Hill Tongwa convey large ridge. Around every gate associated with an stone, reads: "Yang Shi Jian Xiong has been chosen by unlawful hain't; nether who let work of retribution via the ages." Tongzhi 11 years of the Qing Dynasty (1872) engraving, the Alliance still exist. Republic of nine original temple (1920) monument of a high 2.4 m wide and 0.65 m, 0.19 m thick, is "Cuigong De political monument," as logged on the public for the Beijing Daxing County Cui county, appoint of Lin, Shandong Lijin who had studied in Japan, this monument is no longer. It is said namely in the Republic before the rain had been engaged in patrol activities of the City God: the daytime of drought, no rain, the regional folk of the City God vine, like carrying out put, then, males and women and babies dressed as shrimp, fish, turtles and other aquarium, as well as violently with many fans, the team there are drums, were holding scalding annoy, beginning from the Temple, a West Side alley turn around come behind around the intersection. When this study to the Republic not.
Temple and then west, there is a temple to temple entire agreeable. Republic of nineteen years (1930), Beijing, Hebei Province, is to change, King combine revoked, will be moved to Daxing County Department Huangcun. Today the ministry has cleared always, the remaining road south Second Temple, it has become residential areas. Pawn shop when the origin has at present identified the exact record, one that stand in ancient periods referred pawnshops prison; have said, began in the Song Dynasty, and many monks from the temple management. In [...], the pawn shop is a very long history. Qing wen, dynasty, was the heyday of pawn shops in Beijing, more than 300. In 1900, the Boxer Rebellion, most pawn shops have been looted, and only join in if and while the two flee into a million. Guangxu twenty-eight (1902), pawnshops and gradually resume affair.
Pawn shop's internal organization, treatment, action is alter from other industries, the outer appliance is also different with other sidewalk. In general, the pledge of the party, mostly city-type houses, thick walls, with to prevent theft, lest the bombard. And are installed outside the ruddy wooden fence. Some mention it is the prison to commemorate the founding pawn mart, in truth, to safety. Later, they changed to the fence. Still hanging outside the line rope of a special two consistent, children under the red silk tie, that method money in prevalence. In addition, the appearance wall alternatively door shade wall on the welcome to write a big "if" word.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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