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Residents experiencing difficulty drinking water b

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recent years when the customs, the liberation of Park Road 34, Unit 6, Building 1, residents are still worried about New Year water available. This is a small matter directly related to people's livelihood. We call upon the relevant functional departments to act quickly to solve problems more than 10 households in this years draft hard problem, so that they can safely have a good year.

this statement for the Water Group, residents say, blocking does not exist. The reason is simple: sometimes after midnight, when high water pressure,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], water is relatively normal, indicating that water pipes are not blocked. Residents told reporters that, we, the residents are willing to

rent off:

Although this is only the fourth floor, but the reporters to see, when Yu is still no water taps at home. She said that the water generally have to wait until after midnight, mostly during the day is not the case.
not home as much as possible to the toilet
Yesterday, the reporter went to the liberation of Park Road 34. Ms. Yu, 60, fourth floor, home to a square, renovated in 2010, strangely, not the house has installed two water heaters, one electric, one gas. Ms. Yu explained that when the installation of a gas fitting, but the gas water heater on the water pressure is required, but no water at home, that is, runoff, and water pressure requirements can not be achieved,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], can not boil water, so only bought an electric water heater, water in the midnight when the water heater filled with water, heat can take a bath.

Hu des Eaux Water Division, said the property does not belong to the water tank Water Group, we have no obligation for the water tank, we only have obligations to help clean the water tank. In addition, where the tank is built in the 70s of last century, and the water tank is built on the top floor inside the house, more strange, construction difficult. If the water tank for this building, it was Therefore, we do not recommend replacing the water tank.
Zhang lived in 801 is , at the signing, it does not know the water pressure so low. He turned out to be shared with a friend, but then there is no water due to frequent use, that friend can not stand, surrender of.
Grandma Wang wrote,
vat Xiaopen all residents of the home to fill with water.

written more than a year, fills with water. Grandma Wang said: Granny and several other elderly people everywhere, a couple of years,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the problems are not resolved. Granny also recorded the one
Chang saw in the small press, and his kitchen, the installation of a booster pump, but still could not get a drop of water. Zhang said self-mockery: p>
Wang Grandma:
interview with Xinhua, the Department of Water Affairs is responsible for the area of ​​water supply staff Hu. Hu said that the water pressure at the current situation in Wuhan, the liberation of Park Road 34, the pressure of this building should be able to pressure up,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and we have to send engineers to check out. After examination, analysis, most likely the aging pipes, clogging caused by the need to re-laying of pipelines. It would have to every household Zaoqiang perforation, large quantities, and the residents need to obtain consent. But some residents are not agree with this approach. If residents agree, we can always come to change the tube.

Water Group explained:
mains plug does not exist
aging water pipes blocked

residents to refute:

Recently, the newspaper Liberation Park Road, received 34 Hankou a reflection of the residents of Unit 6, where a dozen households in the last two years completely, We immediately received large bowl full of small basin of water use; bad luck when the runoff for several days and had to seek refuge with relatives or find a nearby hotel stay for two nights; the sixth floor of the King grandmother more than a year to write a special Water Diary

】 【Editor
reporter saw Granny's diary reads: November 6, 2010, beginning at 9:30 am water; November 7, beginning at 9:05 am water ... ... December 8 day, 8:30 am anhydrous, 9:50 start line of water (that flow like a thin line), after water ... ... December 16, 8:35 am start water, take a glass of water half-way, and water ... ... from last December 16 until yesterday, Wang Grandma's diary records of daily water, and water is normal water period.


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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