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beijing 1 daytime tour

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Shuqing Shi, April 14, 1998 interview) Shen returned apt Beijing from the cadre educate, in East Tangzi his house was 1 of the three workers in the occupation of the Cultural Revolution, Comrade. Shen proposed implementation of the issuing house and go, yet the defer tin no be resolved. to the writing that the clothing, made a report to the Cultural Relics Bureau, has been pressing. Wang Ye fall in the publishing does no stand, his wife, Heritage Publishing House is likewise not assured. throne of the rule of autumn does not nod, how to print out? Wang Ye Qiu Shen a outlook namely Shen is The age gray intellectuals, is training in the old society, and to control use.
then sink to find me, sent a complaint. I can do some interpretation, I was the vice manager, merely an opinion, no power to decide . Yang Zhenya Shen curator that is not a major genius, and said, "to stay away." Shen muscular views, and later left the experience with sensibilities of inflame Bo. One thing I annotate, Museum of History are completed, the next to City Hall Tiananmen Square, the relevant departments have to shop review some of the right, the political face of forcibly transferred out of ambiguous, and Mr. Shen left, and that was politically and extra possible to trust him. (Li Bo, deputy manager of the native Chen, Joe, May 6, 1998 interview) in that the long annuals, it is tough from Shen's mouth, pen to get his views above presidency. He was a silent male. It was only one thousand nine hundred sixty-eight ashore "a massive number of capitalist roaders", and we retard in Shen Congwen read charts of the inflame that: "Who is responsible? I want to responsible commerce governors. He studied what my heritage? Only God knows! Peace of mind that I drift is not working, I come up with points to score, he has cause to mention that I am 'white special' any more.
Do not consider the straight leadership of the entire business, so ignorant of the characteristic cultural business without learning, what is? "According to Zhao and presentation, Shen has a journal, but simply note a few strokes. Now open in March 1953 the Ikunori diary, really reiterated an" eventful annoying "theme. If , "may still be numerous things ... ... many things that could be a bother to them" (March 2Cool; "The human are too ardent, over-zealous on the matter,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], are cozy to transform many, does not assist quite real ... ... peculiar, if everyone is thriving, but I did wither down. Very curious "(March 30);" ... ... the less said the repository problem alternatively not, forever upholds the museum directorate - curator, director, head of the ... ... that is what to do, quest truth from facts to make a small staff anything will be many better. People, to me, things are more useful "(March 31). This is the Shen quality of life and work are very needy when the depression can not be distraction. However, once met the characteristic cultural work, Shen as whether a changed man. to watch a good thing, equitable try to buy behind Mr. Shen. Dianqian themselves first, and then to the shop.
If the shop do not, on their own to stay. periodically a long period to read, others disturbed the results become public treasury, and Shen do not concern. such as "Metrical" long picture he bought himself, and later finished up collections. Now Li Bo, the embroidery is basically a accumulation of his buy, shop accumulation dressing, hardwood furniture, copper mirrors and so many artifacts handled along him too. Palace to do a "Dream" exhibition, Mr. Shen enthusiastically to the warehouse to find out the dress on the side, to mate with the tangible artifacts . shop in the wisdom that many people get him help. memorize a museum in the books, "ancient history, like awesome," Mr. Shen to comment, copy the note spliced to the book, allowing others to see the care, so like where than can be seeing for, why words like better than anywhere else. (Li Tan, May 5,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], 1998 interview) in the shop, Mr. Shen explained, even the old matron feet are salute. He also storage catalogue, regulatory rules National Cheng Kung University to copy the card moments, his Zhang Cao good, truly beauteous. He also bought more than twenty pieces of Qing porcelain tea set, donated to shop, easy to receive diplomatic guests. told us the truth, do not speak artificial words Old encourage us to read, often said,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], "you do not learn how work for the party?
"Chen Boda has a" thick this skinny old, "then, Mr. Shen said the museum ought be thick thick old today, and today the archaic thick ample, it should be more to the archaic learning. He objects to the Museum of achieving cultural hearts, the shop in reading is not strong and impatient. (Shuqing Shi, May 8, 1998 interview) in 1957, Mr. Shen to our group as a consultant Palace embroidery, with our level, the Rong Bao Zhai, Zhushikou. to give him tens of greenbacks on travel expenses, He will not, there embroidery always bought the book group bookcase. to the Central Academy of Fine Arts students to lectures, the school gave him a hundred dollars, he let us back the Treasury, said, "can not keep sending state money." excavate his own Please people painting money and then rent a rickshaw to the school, the motorcar mounted a diversity of objects, paintings, to permit students to see to understand. 1958, Mr. Shen when educating adviser, were all his own notes out as your reference. transferred from the national writing specialists live in the Fragrant Hill Hotel, and Mr. Shen would not stay at the motel, his home daytime and night to dry, flowing perspiration, work bigger than the human book.
Mr. Shen has not been in front of us do not say upset, talk approximately business. Cultural Revolution in the village to see him duck, no books to see, on the use of the hands of a "People's China", filled in the vacant space to bring us the word, most of the content is the heritage of the research. He In the letter tells us, "What stuff did not, so I scholarship." We jot the "China Textile", he accustomed a large brush Da copied stuff to us. ate underwent during the Cultural Revolution, and we wanted to do not dry heritage, and Mr. Shen narrated us to understand, he was lying in bed, the spirit of good, it seems favor to cry.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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