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magnificent walls tour

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Stone steps appearance the doors of the Forbidden City aboard the railing, whether you see closely will find capitals, there is a spherical sculptures,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], always were shaped bloom pate, and a few outside prologues approximate the top entire have saw in their holes, This object shrieked "stone Do not pluck", also known for "Stone Haixiao" is the ancient advising to the panic. Whenever diplomatic invasion, the combat alternatively a fire alarm, Shoubing be beat at mouth aperture stone pellet, stone ball ambition issue a "woo, woo" sound the alarm sound like Lo, deep and resonant voice that will scatter throughout the Forbidden City . The alarm was founded in when and how blowing, human understand quite little, merely pro-military or who have Hujun banner, for well for the inner tribunal eunuch guards.
According to historical records, the Qing government in the inner court Shunzhi life guards the gates of security, "Stone Do not pull", minutes ahead the dimensions inside and outside, you need the alarm, it will be three-inch-long "small brass horn" (a horn-shaped speakers) into the rock hole , the measurements of the "stone Do not pull" to have also been sounded. Beijing temple lot. By the Royal deacon of the so-called "eight-nine altar temple," said the so-called "Temple of the Eight, the Eight Outer Temples," said. Eight Outer Temples means: Xuanren Temple, condensate, and Temple, Temple, Purdue, Zhenwu, Wanshou Xinglong Temple, silent Temple, Temple, and Zhao were the temple blessing. This Eight Outer Temples, built approximately the outside of the Forbidden City, Forbidden City is also known as the Eight Outer Temples. Compared with the eight temples, smaller, eight small temple is also known.
Condensate and the Temple 46, North Street, reservoir, commonly known as the smoke temple. Qing Emperor Yongzheng eight years (1730) Chi Jian, life imitation Xuanren Temple regulation temple to mash the cloud of God. Street, east west door sitting, house are facing south, the main house of four, with Bell and Drum Tower. Because of this temple near the Forbidden City, Beijing officials often stay. In period, Beiping here to forty basic schools, basic schools are for the North pond. Bliss Temple in North Long Street 4, Junji was built years before, was learning by the Kangxi Emperor, Kangxi avert pox at an early age. Qing Emperor Yongzheng dynasty (1723) have been given here for the lawful address of Prince Hong Li Po Prince, merely he did not live here. Later this changed to the Lama Temple, because the temple worship the Lord of rain, it is also commonly known as rain temple. To Peking in 1927, the Office of Tibet.
December 1919, Mao Zedong in Beijing youngster have been congratulated temple temporary. After the liberation of Tibet, the Panchen Lama because the Beijing Office. Bliss Temple had been repaired in 1987. Zhao was the North Long Street 71 Temple, commonly known as Ray Temple, established during the Qing Emperor Yongzheng Decade (1732), is the antique Royal used to adore by Raytheon, is now the North Long Street Primary School PREMISES. The only remaining 1 is the school hall, additional erections have been lost. In 1923, novelist Lao She Beijing City Education Association in any instrument. In his 30 years of the 20th centenary, built the "emblem of God" and other works, there is the shadow of the temple mine. Xuanren Temple Street in the North pool 2, echoed the same floor, northeast edge of the Forbidden City. Qing Emperor Yongzheng 6 years (in 1728) built by the Yongzheng Emperor decreed that there are yet 200 years old. According to "History of Qing Dynasty" records, the temple is a replica of Zhongnanhai Xuanren norm should be designed to house,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Xuanren Temple Beth front hall dedicated to the wind, the apse is devoted to the eight Fengshen, usually known as the wind temple. The construction of the temple, proposed to pray as the elegance of God, not subject to storm the country.
Xuanren hundred paces outside the temple, the repository high wall. Now standing in front of Xuanren Temple Mountain, not far from the Forbidden City to the northeast corner of waiting till floor. Miao Menqian "Uighurian Xuanren Temple" in the quantity of doors, large cup shade wall Erlongxizhu relief, and is still well maintained, red walls and green tiles, in the background of Guhuai Tsui Chung, vaguely Passes a royal manner. Nine altar means: Temple of Heaven, the altar, Mr Gu Tan, Asahi altar,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], on the morn of the altar, the altar of Tai Sui, Xiannongtan, the first altar and Ji Tan silkworm. Pat Temple means: the Imperial Ancestral Temple, Fengxian Temple, and heart Hall, Bong Imperial Palace, Lama Temple, Tangzi, 历代帝王庙 and Temple of Literature. This temple is also called the eight-eight temples or great eight Temple.
Silent Temple in North Long Street 81, Chong was built in the first year (1628), the Department of temple, the temple has the premier year of the legislation Chongzhen temple memorial. Five years of the Qing Emperor Kangxi (1713) rebuilt, given labels are silent Temple. Fifty-eight years of Qianlong (1793) and then rebuilt, side by side with tablets. This is a ride west to eastern of the temple, facing the Forbidden City. As close from the palace, the sometime crowd with the emperor's ministers often linger in this. In the "Diary", the Temple had records of his stay silent. March 15, 1862, "Silent Temple room move." March 16, "late into the city, live in silent temple." May 7, "After the morning out of the metropolis, from the silent temple hall." The Mr. Yung, the emperor and the throne Tongzhi pedagogue. Today, Temple has transform silence residential neighborhood in North Long Street situation.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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